Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is how it goes.


A bit ramble-y, I apologize.


“Caitlin?  Is that you?”


Me (turning around and immediately sucking it in before realizing that I don’t have to anymore.  Hellooo free 9 month pot-belly pass!): “Oh (fill in the blank) so good to see you!”


Them: “Oh! You’re pregnant?  Is it your first?”


Me: “No… its our third actually!”


Them: (some sound/exclamation of amazement) “THREE KIDS!!”

(Note: my sister also gets this all the time, but she has SEVEN, so I think it is much more deserved.  In fact,sorry sis, I wanted to gasp a little when I just typed “seven”)



I know that nobody means anything by it.  They don’t mean to be judgmental or critical- they are just genuinely surprised!  I would be!  Heck, I AM! 

And yet, I am a people pleaser/afraid of criticism, and for whatever reason, I feel the need to explain/defend why I am having my 3rd kid at the ripe old age of 27.


(remind me to tell you a funny story about how Brian thought I was 26 and it convinced me that Yes, YES, I AM 26 for quite a few minutes!  And that my heart sank a little when I realized that, nope, its 27.)

(Well, actually, that’s the whole story)


But what can I really say about this here #3 I’m cookin’?

Let’s discus the options, because- friends- Caitlin is a bit rusty and socially awkward from New Jersey and I have used them all.


1) “Whoopsy-doopsy!” 

Pros: It implies that maybe I didn’t MEAN to get saddled up with all of these kids so soon.  That maybe I WOULD be continuing with some…humanitarian work?…had I not been impregnated (gross, sorry dad) three times in 4 years.  

Cons: It makes me look like an idiot who failed at using birth control three times in four years.


2)  “Well, you know how it goes!”

Pros: A quick out and subject change

Cons: I don’t know how it goes.


3)  “Haha!  Well, once you have one, you just kind of have to keep going!”

Pros: It also sounds like this whole producing-multiple-children thing was vaguely out of my control.  Maybe I chose to have one, but from there (throws hands up in despair) what could I do?  It was out of my hands! 


Cons: You shouldn’t have more children just to give your existing children siblings.

Although, to be honest, it is probably mostly the reason I keep having them.  It sure isn’t because they are easy, or help my figure.



At this point I also admit that I have been married for almost seven years, that I married yes, Brian from high school, and that I dropped out of college to do so.

And that I haven’t worked in 4.5 years.

Then, I ask them about their life and try to make some witty or knowledgeable responses.

Basically, I am a few seconds away from throwing myself at their feet and begging them to agree that

I am interesting!

I have a brain!

I am NOT as boring as this whole child-bride-baby-making-thing makes me sound!!!!! 





(18 weeks)


T Rex Mom said...

So, how did you decide to end the conversation? I'm hanging here...

I smile that you are young, responsible, and have #3 on the way. You guys are great parents and folks like you actually need to have 7 kids. Plus, I think as you get older, it gets tougher to keep up with young kids. Imagine trying to get up with young Joseph at 40 versus 23.

Jen said...

Don't feel bad b/c I had 4 kids by the time I was 26. Of course, there was a set of triplets in there but still. I was young.

And you are cute and so interesting. I would love to hang out and talk for hours.

Also wow! You really "popped" didn't you? ;)

suzy said...

ha!!!!!!!! i think you should go with answer #4: "Yeah I have a great husband and love my kids... praying for an easy labor with a good epidural. Now don't you wish you were me? BOOM, I win, Roasted baby!" that'll shut them up. :)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Oh heck, you don't need to explain it to anyone. I'm just glad you keep making them because they are unbelievably cute!!!!

britney said...
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britney said...

People think you are more interesting than you give yourself credit for. Just the fact that you are having your third baby makes you more interesting than most of the people you probably graduated with. Plus, you know how to make bread!

Jenners said...

Pish Posh!! You're totally interesting and funny and awesome and very good at making babies … some people just have that talent! HAHA! Why not tell them how you moved to NJ/NY for a year? How you routinely travel the world with children? How you totally rock! Give yourself credit. Plus you'll totally be DONE with kids and be young and that is a big plus.

Breanna said...
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Caitlin said...

you don't need to explain anything to anyone :)
do we get to know the sex of the baby?
love from oz!