Monday, April 9, 2012

To Brian on his business trip


(Complete with photos of Isaac enjoying the Easter Morning “after-party”)


Today was day one of a 6 day business trip for my very best helper and husband, Brian.

Also today, while I was in the shower shampooing my hair (after plunking the boys in front of their first movie of the day), Isaac showed up with no diaper, and poop covering both hands and smeared down both legs to his ankles.



The good news is that I did not burst into tears like I would have just a few years ago, the bad news is that I had no wipes in that whole half of the house.

It was…an adventure.  And after everything I said, (“This is a BIG MESS!”  “Poo-poo goes in the potty!” “Diapers STAY ON!”) my soon-to-be-middle-child responded with a cheerful “OKAY, MAMA!”



I sat down here tonight, and wrote a little letter to that husband of mine.

Dear Brian,

How is your trip?

The hall closet door is off its runner again!

And our bedroom one too!

And the trash is ready to go out.

Also I have something that I want to put in that cupboard above the fridge- you know the one that I can’t even reach with a chair?

And the grate keeps falling off the bottom of the refrigerator.

Plus your left monitor won’t turn on?

And the middle one is all sideways?

Plus, didn’t you say something about me dropping of our taxes?…where would I find those again?

Lastly, and most importantly, I have had to kill several bugs today- one of which was an EARWIG which, you may remember, is my least favorite bug of all time.

There is a reason I got married at 20 my dear, and it wasn’t just because of true love.

I wanted to ensure a bug killer would be around me at all times.

Please hurry home before I have to do all of these things MYSELF tomorrow.

Also, have a good day at work!!

Your loving wife,



Waaaiiiiit a minute!!  Do all of it myself?  Haha- I must have thought I was still in NEW JERSEY!!!


Dearest Daddy,

Please see above.


Your baby girl Caitlin



ter@waaoms said...

a girl!!!!

I knew it!!

boy are you sneaky!!!!
good thing I read every word you write! :)

Caitlin said...

Nope! Haha! It is MY letter to MY Daddy! :)

Jen said...

Ha! I love it... you are one resourceful girl. When the husband is gone... get Daddy.

Jenners said...

That makes moving to Oregon worth it -- having a substitute bug killer nearby!

Maureen said...

I sure hope your daddy got that earwig! I remember calling on my dad for things when Mark was unavailable and I actually think he LOVED being needed still :)
I LOVE those action photos with the hose and all those good looking Harris guys!