Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let’s Chat

(with some pictures of my children, because OHMYGOSH I love them so much right now while they are sleeeeping!)


1)  I would apologize about not blogging more, except that I really can’t help it. 

I am sooooo tired all the time, and I am having a bit of pregnancy-induced-narcolepsy causing me to nap at random and often…inappropriate…zzzz. 

Even in the middle of Mad Men! Which tells you that, truly, it’s not you, its me.  

And then I am thrown into this weird insomnia spiral where since I napped I can't sleep until 1 am or so, and then the next day I am so tired because of the 1 am bedtime that I fall asleep randomly, and the cycle continues. 


You might ask, why not blog at night when you can't sleep?   

Because mostly, I am just laying in bed panicking about not sleeping, thinking about all of the trillions of things that I forgot to do during the day, and counting Brian’s snores.

If I DO make it out of bed, I barely having the strength to do anything but click my mouse whilst online shopping into the wee hours because OH MY GOSH!  WHY AM I STILL AWAKE??!!  PANIC! PANIC!


2) On Friday, Brian came out of his office to find me asleep on the couch while Joseph watched a movie. 

Not so bad, until I tell you that I was wearing my (chocolate-splattered) robe, and lying next to a plate of half-eaten cupcakes.

So I kind of think I might be needing to step up the sexiness factor around here?  Except that I was NAPPING next to CUPCAKES, people!


3)  Joseph came up to me the other day and gave my belly a friendly pat.  He said, "Man, Mama!  Your tummy is sure getting big!  And it is going to get bigger and bigger until WHAMO!!  It pushes the baby out!"  So...not entirely correct.  But we are going with it.


4)  Joseph has also been taking swimming lessons, which he LOVES and is fairly good at. 

His last day in Level One is on Thursday, and they have said that he can go to Level Two except...SELFISH Caitlin is TIRED of swim lessons!! Waah! 

You know why?  Because I have to get in with Isaac!  And change everyone’s clothes twice!  And pack snacks!  And wear a SWIMSUIT!!! (Although I did get a new one in the mail today, and SPOILER-since you will never ever see it here: It has polka dots!!) 

The nap both boys take make it almooost worth it, but sigh... I'm conflicted. 

Good News though, Joseph!  Mama is motivated by guilt!  So you will probably get to take swim lessons forever!  HOORAY!!


5)  Speaking of selfish, I may or may not have hid in my room for a few minutes while bodily-barricading the door to the pounding/needy/non-stop-talking children on the other side.  But, I did come out, so I must love them.  But MAN, motherhood is in-tense sometimes!


6)  Yes, I’m sorry for holding out on you readers, I DO know what the baby is.  I would have told you earlier, but…zzzzzzzzz, remember?

Would you care to hear? 

I am going in for another ultrasound tomorrow and will post some pictures and the news then-ish!


Now, if you will please excuse me, I am off to go lie in bed and panic about sleeplessness for the next few hours!


Good night!



Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I hate that crazy sleep pattern that goes with pregnancy. So not cool.

I hear ya on the swim lessons and the work that goes along with it. Blarg.

Can't wait to see what you're having!

Heidi said...

Ah! You dangle the bait of gender news then whip it away! :)
~eagerly awaiting the news

Jenners said...

OK … I'm not going to click ahead to the big announcement though I'm dying to! Will it be a girl? Another boy? I can't wait! I panic about not sleeping too. It is an evil cycle. And I totally get the not wanting to do swim lessons. It is an awful lof ot work. Maybe delay them until the baby comes … or WAIT … that would be even harder. Forget it. Don't feel guilty though.

ter@waaoms said...

I just figured something out!!

one of the boys in the grade 1 class, mr. chaos as I call him, (in other words TROUBLE), looks just like Issac! That can't be a coincidence, can it??!!!