Sunday, April 24, 2011

You GUYS!!



Awww… you GUYS!  I have 50 followers now?!?!  Wow!  Thank you!

I wish I could reward you in some way by telling you something super interesting and funny.  But, there’s not much shaking around here.

Umm..well.. let’s see what I can rustle up.  Fun Facts!

- Well, the people who live across the street from us are currently, right this second, all sitting out in their driveway, a Greek flag nailed onto the garage door, roasting some kind of animal. (lamb? goat?) on a spit.  So, Happy Easter New Jersey style?

- Joseph cried and didn’t want to go to Sunday School today, so I let him sit in church with us, under the guidelines that he be REALLY quiet and play with his toys.  He proceeded to shush me any time I laughed at a joke the pastor made, tried to whisper something to him, or said “Amen.”

- I totally just sent Joseph to find Brian telling him that “Daddy LOVEs to play super heroes with you!  Go find him!”  Heheheheheheh.

- Speaking of Brian, this morning he started our Easter off by asking if I was going to be taking pictures.  When I replied that I was, he said “Shoot.  That means I have to put on pants.”  We are claaassy!

- Well, joke’s on me, because Joseph is back and apparently we are all playing Hi-Ho Cherry-o.  Kill me now.

Thanks again folks!  50 of you like me, and that is pretty great.  Do I hear 100?  You can have 5 more fun facts!!


blueviolet said...

I can't believe you totally tried to pawn Joseph off on Brian, but yeah, that worked out well for ya....LOL

You deserve 50 billion followers! I LOVE your blog!

Jen said...

You should have 500 followers, you are so funny and I love reading your blog.

T Rex Mom said...

I think you'll hit 100 before you know it. Sounds like a rocking Easter in your neighborhood - Greek style.

I love the pants comment.

Jenners said...

I personally think you deserve 1000 followers!!! You always make me laugh.