Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Rest of our trip


Let’s wrap this up shall we?


(Isaac hanging out in our hotel room)


We are so glad that we ended up staying for another day and night.

The weather was beautiful- a bit chilly in the morning, but warmed up quickly.  We even got sunburns!!

(My mom just died reading that.  If we didn’t already lose her at the alone-at-night-in-DC part of my story.  But, in my defense, we were wearing SNOWPANTS the day before we left, so how could I have known?!)


We saw the usual landmarks


(Nice thing about being tall = pictures over the fence!)



(Isaac inspects the local law enforcement)



IMG_9190 (on the steps in front of the White House)

IMG_9197   IMG_9196

(In the park directly in front of the White House.  These kids can play anywhere!)



IMG_9211 (A lot less thrilled)




IMG_9245    IMG_9251

(Isaac was sleeping in the back of our double stroller.  Both kids napped in it this day at some point- A first!)


IMG_9258 (Grumpy from nap)

The reflecting pool was under construction.


Can you spot Joseph and Brian coming down from the Lincoln Memorial?



IMG_9277       IMG_9280


We also went to the National Aquarium, which was fun, but a LOT less impressive than it sounds.


I went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, but the tickets for the exhibits were sold out for the day.  BUMMER!

We found a FANTASTIC parking spot (for free!) just a few hundred yards from the White House, so we parked all day and walked everywhere.  It was very tiring, but also nice to be forced to see so many things that you would have just driven by.

Also, there was a magical span of time where Isaac was dozing on my back and Joseph was asleep in the stroller, and Brian and I were alone walking around DC on a gorgeous spring day.  Fantastic!


On our way home, we stopped back into Philadelphia for another cheesesteak, this time from Pat’s.


Pat’s and Geno’s are across the street from each other and have had a fierce rivalry for decades.  We saw them competing in a Food Network show before we moved here!

For the record, Geno’s won for us!


On our way out of Philly, we passed by some important looking buildings, with lots of people bustling around.


We thought, what are these people looking at?

And then we remembered- THE LIBERTY BELL!!

We took a sharp turn into a parking garage and unloaded.



(This means that we almost stopped in Philly TWICE for cheesesteaks and didn’t see the most famous historical landmark in the city.  Whoopsy!  Well, we love food..)


We asked a guard at the Liberty Bell what everyone was waiting to see in the next building over and he said, “The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.”

Whoopsy again!

So we headed over to see those little tidbits as well.


(In the courtyard where the Declaration of Independence was read out loud for the first time ever!)





(Joseph likes to pinch Isaac’s cheeks)



And that concludes our journey!



The boys did really fantastic!  Their “yelling contests” were a bit much,


but other than that we can’t complain. 



They are happy to be in our company and exploring new places!

We will be staying home for the next few weeks.


The End.


T Rex Mom said...

I am glad that in the end a good time was had by all. And nice to have a little quiet moment with Brian while the boys napped. The cool thing about DC is there are lots of things to see in a close amount of space. And you probably worked off about 10 of those Philly sandwiches in the process!

ter@waaoms said...

Glad you still had a good time despite the not-so-great beginning. And I see you let your baby play with a drill. lol.

Jenners said...

So glad you and a brian had a moment "alone." that is a nice treat. Glad you stayed...things did look up after the initial bad but very amusing (to us) start.

Rachel said...

Don't you just love having a minivan? I'm so jealous of the things you got to see. Ever since I read the biography of John Adams by David McCullough, I just want to go see those places! Oh and I'm glad to know which restaurant to go to for Philly Cheese Steaks. Thanks for taste testing for us :)

kisatrtle said...

This post made the rest of it seem worth it. My kids were "singing" on the way home from NC and my hubby couldn't handle that. I'm not sure he would have made it through the screaming contest.