Monday, April 25, 2011

I think I should be able to find a few for free

IMG_9448(unrelated picture, but I couldn’t resist.)


A few of you have mentioned that I forgot to post about the big playgroup gathering I hosted a few weeks ago! YIKES! 

Sorry about that. 

In my defense, I still haven’t even posted about Christmas really. 

…Wait, how is that in my defense?  Oh well, it’s late.


I suppose the main reason I forgot to post about it is that…well.. nothing much happened.

A lot of ladies came, their kids played, Joseph hid until the last 15 minutes, there was a good group of moms from many different countries, we chatted, ate, they left, and I still have a sticky living room floor from some Apple Juice Fountains.


The ladies were very nice (and I decided that I am not telling any of them about this blog! Muahahahaha!  That way I can tell you everything, my pretties!), but there were no shocking incidents to tell you about, no awkward slips of the tongues, etc.

Which is pretty surprising, because the first time that I went to a Meetup gathering, (same group, but different moms attended), it started off with a real zinger!


A woman came up to me and asked how old Joseph was.  I replied ‘Three” and she said, “Oh yes, my son is 3 too.  Sometimes don’t you just want to PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE?!” (Insert wild gesticulations)

Hold up.


First of all, no.  I haven’t really ever wanted to punch Joseph in the face, per se.

I have wanted to lock myself in the bathroom for the day,

I have wanted to tape his mouth closed,

I have wanted to send him off on the next plane to Portland to live at his Grandmothers’ houses (Hi mom!  Hi maureen!  Care to raise a spirited 3 year old? )

But I wouldn’t really choose “punching in the face” as my first descriptor word.


Secondly, I am all for complaining about your children to your family or friends. (or the entire blogging universe. Hello!!)

I have been known to say that there are days that I want to stab myself in the eye with a fork with boredom, for example.

Or, when I have gone through a particular bad sleeping spell with Joseph (try the last 3 years and 5 months), and I am exhausted and at my wits end,  I may have told my mom that I wish that I could somehow spank him to sleep.

But, as a general rule, I think that should be something that you work up to, not an opening line to a person you just met.


So, anyways, I was kind of hoping to meet some real crazies that I could tell you all about here.

Alas, they were just normal, nice women.


Which brings me to my next topic,

No real progress on the “new friend” front.

There are several women that I like so far, but with lots of meetups during naptimes, I haven’t been able to see a consistent group of people often enough to take it to the next level of “friend.”

Brian helpfully suggested that the internet is a big place, and that there had to be a website where I could BUY a friend!

So sweet!

He did follow it up by saying that whomever I bought would be very lucky and end up really enjoying being my friend despite needing to take my money.

So, I think maybe he was flirting?


Well, that’s a wrap folks!

I seem to be rambling and I am 98% sure that Brian has fallen asleep on the couch, which means that I can get some good quality snore-free zzzzs in before he realizes it and joins me!

Ooooh, the ROMANCE!!



T Rex Mom said...

We should chat about the friend thing. I went to this gathering this past weekend where I was certain I could meet someone I could connect with. I wanted to wear a sign that read, "Lonely mom seeking social social stimulation with another mom."

blueviolet said...

I often find that in groups of women there are very few with whom I click with well enough to be willing to move them up the friend ladder. Either that, or I am just a reclusive crazy woman.

Jenners said...

Yeah, that is not a good opening line there. You keep that stuff to yourself until the third meeting. And I would so be your friend for FREE...I just wish we lived closer and it wasn't a tw hour trip for a play date.