Saturday, February 27, 2010

Joseph Meets Isaac



When we arrived home from the hospital, Joseph was napping, which was wonderful because it gave us a chance to unload and visit a bit with my mom and sister. 



I heard Joseph on the monitor and went in to get him with just Brian (I couldn’t lift him by myself per doctor’s orders…) and left Isaac in the living room with my Mom.

Joseph was SO glad to see me (we have never been apart for so long) and right away asked me to “Pick you up!” and “Rocky!” (rock in the rocking chair).  I rocked him and read him some books, while Brian positioned himself with Isaac on the couch.

Finally, I said, “Look what Daddy has!  It’s baby Isaac!”

Joseph right away said “See?  See?” and hopped down to get a better look.

(warning, some of the pictures will make you want to cry with their sweetness…)

(And yes, Joseph DOES still have a binky for nap/bedtime, and NO we are SO not going down that road of binky-removal yet…)






After a few minutes, we asked if he wanted to HOLD baby Isaac.  He responded with a resounding “K!!” and hopped right up on the couch.






The whole time he was holding Isaac, he was talking to everyone to make sure that we could all “SEE?!” what he was doing.


(kisses for Isaac)





And that was about as much interest as he has shown Isaac to date.  I will take his ambivalence over the active “Let’s get rid of this baby NOW!!” that I feared was waiting for us.

And so, our new family was born.





Princess Caitlin said...

Aaaw, those are so sweet!!
Congratulations. :D
I'm glad you found time for a post - I was missing your updates.

sidenote: Joseph's little eyebrows are so expressive. ^.^

T Rex Mom said...

Yeah - great photos all around - the family photo and the one of Joseph looking at the baby while resting his head on Brian are my favorites but those ones of him holding the baby are pretty cute too!

Momma said...

I was so glad to be there and see this drama unfold. It was fairly brief, however, and then after holding Isaac for 3 minutes he was DONE and saying "movie? movie?" Pretty funny! They will be best pals someday....

Nina said...

Aawww.... I cried a lot the first time my oldest held my youngest for the first time. Those are great photos!

~~Mel~~ said...

Love all the pics...but my favorite ones are of Joseph holding baby Isaac! Awwwww!

Jenners said...

So so so cute!!! I love your new little family!