Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Bath



Isn’t it amazing how stinky little newborns can get?   After two and a half weeks of sticking various parts of him under the bathroom faucet, Isaac’s umbilical stump (yuck) finally fell off (I closed my eyes, fished it out of his shirt with a tissue, and threw that sucker AWAY!).  It was bathtime!

With my “wonderful helper”  (and his wonderful cowlick!  Almost haircut time…):









Isaac is such an easy going little guy (other than the evenings) that he didn’t even make a peep.  Even with a freezing cold two-year-old’s hand splashing water all over his face.

Let’s compare that last picture to high-maintenance Joseph’s first bath time experience:

joseph112807 025

Yeah, I was due for an easy baby.


T Rex Mom said...

You SO were due to for an easy baby! If anyone deserves it, it is you. But Joseph is so wonderful I know all those rough times are so worth it. How many times has his cuteness saved him?!?

Nina said...

I had the easy child the first go around and my second is more like your Joseph. LOL.... You are right, you deserve the easy going baby this time around.

~~Mel~~ said...

I had an easy baby the first go around...perhaps I shouldn't tempt fate and just stop at 1 lol.

Loved all the pics especially those last 2 in the bath.

Jenners said...

I forget how skinny newborns are! And in that one photo, it looks like Joseph is going to push the baby's whole head underwater!!! I'm sure it is just "great" having a little helper!!<-----sarcasm.

I'm glad you got an easy one this time around!

annie said...

where'd you get that awesome yellow thing he's in?? perfect. and he's adorable.

britney said...

That last picture was so funny!