Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh, the shame?





Guess what happened today:



That’s right, folks, 4 weeks 1 day pregnant, and I’m already Rockin’ the maternity pants!


Here’s the lowdown:

1) They are so comfy.

2) Who cares?  I’ll be in them eventually.  What do I have to prove?

3) I need to mix up my wardrobe a little.


I know that my fetus is only about the size of a grain of rice right now, but obviously my uterus is being very generous and giving the grain of rice lots and lots of room to swim around.  Right?  Right.

So, for the next 36 weeks, maternity clothing are officially fair game.


Oh, and just so that you don’t think that this blog is going to be only about pregnancy from now on, let me just also say that I am eating a delicious teriyaki stir fry right now.

That’s all I’ve got for you.


Ter said...

Oh boo, if you need maternity pants then I need...a parachute or something. lol. you could, you know, just wear bigger pants that aren't maternity. lol

you skinny stick you. ;)

septembermom said...

You look great! I remember how my pregnancy belly seemed to kick in quicker during my 2nd, 3rd and 4th pregnancies. You can imagine what happened by #4.

Enjoy those comfy pants!

Rachel said...

Isn't it nice how fast your stomach grows with the second. By the way, you aren't even showing yet. :)

Maureen said...

You are such a good and sacrificial momma that I bet your uterus IS extra large JUST for the baby! You being comfortable is a good thing, so good going to get into the ol maternity wear :)

Jen said...

you know, I have to start where maternity closer at this date when pregnant with my triplets. I am just saying.....

kisatrtle said...

I just got back from trying on swimsuits and if you need maternity clothes I need a girtle. LOL you look great...and BTW you are correct. Those are some comfortable pants.

T Rex Mom said...

No shame - I hear you "show" sooner with subsequent pregnancies. Plus, they are way comfy!

Enjoyed hanging out today!

Aileigh said...

Darn!!! I missed the news! Congratulations! I almost couldn't believe it! I voted for the pregnancy! FYI! I hate to clean... You look great! Enjoy!

Nina said...

You crack me up!
I have a friend who loves maternity pants like you are wearing in your pic. She swears they are so much better than regular jeans. Oh and she has never had kids. LOL...
I found with child number two I grew so much faster and needed my maternity clothes so much earlier. I think my body just new the pattern it was about to take and just got it over with.

Mellises said...

Congratulations! I missed the poll, but my vote was definitely for the baby. Way to be a proud maternity pants wearer!