Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Just One Year



I am sure that I am just hormonal, and that is the only reason that I am feeling choked up about this (I’m allowed to say that I’m hormonal.  No one else is.  Do you feel me, ladies?)  but when I was uploading some pictures tonight, I came across these ones of my baby Joseph last year:





And here is him today, in that same chair.



WAAAAAAHHH!!! MY BABY!!!!!  What happened, seriously?

Plus, do you know what is really sad?  Next year at this time, I will look at pictures that I took of him today and think that he looks so little!  He’s going to get EVEN BIGGER?!

I must go eat some ice cream immediately before I start to sob.

And, because who can get enough baby Joseph?, here are some more pictures of him exactly one year ago today.

In all of his chubby glory.



I miss him!


Rachel said...

So sad. I know what you mean. I just can't seem to get enough of my kids now and the thought that one day they won't want to hang out with me makes me sadder. And then they will say we are soooo old just like we did with our parents.

Ter said...

I agree he's grown alot! and the next thing you'll know he'll be off to college....

Maureen said...

No worries Caitlin, I still see a lot of baby in that little guy still - He just has longer limbs :)

suzy said...

so sweet!

Jen said...

I so feel you. My babies will be 2 next Friday. Two Years Old! I look at them they are are not babies anymore at all! They are little people. *sniff sniff*

T Rex Mom said...

I love those baby feet!!!

I keep telling T Rex to stop growing but he has not been good about listening to me! Looks like Joseph hasn't gotten that memo either!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

britney said...

Did anyone else notice the bong on his shirt? .....Just kidding Cait:)

Jenners said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow? It really takes your breath away. But soon you'll have a new chubby baby to coo over...and your big boy will take your breath away in new ways!

Nina said...

Do you just hate how fast they grow. Those were such cute pictures and trust me it gets worse and worse. Just wait till he starts school. Talk about a hard one!

blueviolet said...

He's still just as cute as ever, just bigger!