Monday, June 8, 2009

Catching Up



I know, it has been a while.

But, this naughty little fetus has been making me want to simultaneously vomit and eat lots of ice cream.

Very confusing.  (and delicious)

So, I have been spending my evenings curled up on the couch, trying to get Brian to do lots of things for me (Just go to TCBY already!),  while trying to summon the energy to go to bed.  

Don’t I just sound like a peach?


Speaking of peaches- I was reading a really “earth-mama” type blog the other day, and the author said that “Fruits and Vegetables are my children’s candy.”


That’s great.

MY child’s candy is…well…candy.  He thinks about it, asks for it, and wants it all of the time.

And really, who can resist this face? IMG_3558

Don’t you think that he deserves a Tootsie Roll pop, just for being so cute?  (And to make him so quiet?)

IMG_3550      IMG_3556


How do you think he would feel if I handed him an apple instead?


Smoothies have been my dinner of choice lately. 

It is like ice cream, only healthier! (My particular fetus is still a pretty basic life form and easily fooled.)  I stock it full of tofu, flaxmeal, and fruit.  Take THAT earthy-mama blog!

Joseph joins in with gusto-  polishing off several cups full of smoothie in one sitting.

And then dumping out the rest on the table, smearing it around, and shaking the straw so that smoothie splatters everywhere.

Aww.. but look at my little smoothie clown




IMG_3580          IMG_3577

                                                                    (signing “more”)


In other news, Joseph locked himself into the bathroom for the first time last week.

My first crazed instinct was to BREAK DOWN THE DOOR TO RESCUE MY BABY!

but I resisted and resorted to my second instinct which was to


It took about 8 minutes for me to jimmy the door open with a hanger (which I am keeping handy, by the way), which gave Joseph enough time to amuse himself by enthusiastically splashing in the toilet for the first 4 minutes, and then hysterically crying and pounding on the door for the last 4. 

I held it together.

I saved the day.

The End.


You are now, officially, caught up!



T Rex Mom said...

Whew - I was having withdrawals!!!

Thanks for having us over today! We had a great time!

Joseph locked me in the bathroom on our last visit - can't say I'm surprised - he is precocious!

Mmmm, smoothies!

Ter said...

why do i get the feeling you shaped the smoothie on the face to look like a clown mouth? Perhaps it's the finger tracks I see! ;)

and man are you lucky you have an excuse to lay around eating ice cream all day. I have no excuse (but I do it anyway bwahahahaha)

septembermom said...

Ice cream sounds good! Love those fun, messy photos of Joseph. He knows how to have fun while eating:) I've had those bathroom lockup dramas. Glad that he wasn't scared. Hope you feel good today!

Mommy of M's said...

Wow, that is one.messy.face!

Jen said...

Yum, smoothie! Yuck vomiting. Yum, ice cream.

Rachel said...

Yeah for being pregnant. I was sick last week and it reminded me of the reason for why I don't want to get pregnant. It was good birth control.

Momma said...

Tell your little fetus Hello from grandpa and grandma. When will it be a "bun in the oven?" When that happens, buy some English Muffin Bread from Winco and eat it all in two days! "Delicisioso".

Jenners said...

Sorry to hear you are having a bit of an up and down time.

And that is the thickest messiest face ever!

And your blog is just so delightful. : )

Nina said...

Sounds like someone really needs ice cream. LOL... With child one I ate grape Popsicle like crazy. It could only be grape! Child two the craving changed every day.

Poor baby stuck in the bathroom. I would have been a mess. Thomas locked himself in one of the bedrooms while on vacation. Luckily my father-in-law travels well and had just the tool to get the door open.