Thursday, June 25, 2009

(Empty?) Promises



I promise that Thursday’s Culinary Adventure will be back on next week! 

At night, my tummy starts to feel nauseous towards anything but Jelly Bellies and ice cream, and I don’t even want to BLOG about food.

Whatever baby wants, baby gets….


T Rex Mom said...

Here's to lessening nausea very soon!

Jen said...

yup totally you gotta give the baby what it wants.

Nina said...

It is the best time to eat what ever you want and it is perfectly fine. No weight gain guilt is the best part.

septembermom said...

Hope you feel better soon. That nausea is the worst. I hate that feeling too.

blueviolet said...

Wait, are you pregnant? I haven't been around so I missed the news! Omg, you make the cutest babies! I love this news!

Ter said...

what a spoiled baby.


feel better soon!