Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just please, please knock.




I don’t actually know how to start this completely random post, so I’m just going to go on and say it:



For those of you without kids (or with good sleepers…you lucky jerks…) who may not know what a “please knock” sign is, let me quickly define it:

The “please knock” sign hangs over your doorbell and is a VITAL part of a successful naptime for your clingy toddler/baby.  Without a “please knock” sign, what otherwise might be a delightful part of your day (“oh!  My amazon package arrived!  Huzzah!”)  becomes your DOOOOOM when the ding-dong wakes up afore mentioned toddler and the afternoon of crying commences.


Anyway, the first time the sign was missing (ding-dong!) I thought it must have fallen off!  The second and third and fourth and fifth time (ding-dong! ding-dong! ding-dong! ding-dong!)  I thought it STILL must have fallen off!

And then I thought waaaaaaaaait a minute.  Like, why am I not seeing these signs somewhere on my porch or yard if it just falls off??

So THAT time I taped that sucker on there with packing tape on all four sides.  And guess what?  That’s right.  IT’S GONE!  AND 10 TIMES SINCE THEN!

Now I have a suspicion about who it is, and it happens to be one of my least favorite of the neighborhood kids (coincidence!), but how do I prove it?

Do I wait by my front door (in my robe, naturally) until I hear something?  And then what?  Do I open the door and shout “Whatareyoudoing??” all scary and surprising?  Or maybe (and this is my favorite option) do I chase them and yell “Come back here nap-ruiner!!!  Naptime is NOT A JOKE!!”?  Wait, am I becoming the crazy lady in the neighborhood?

Sorry to burden you all with this.  It’s not like YOU know who is doing this (Do you? DO YOU???), but sheesh!  It’s all I can think about!

Bye now, I’m off to peep out of my blinds and mutter to myself.


Nichole said...

Put a note above the "please knock" sign that says, "Do not remove this sign. I am watching you." and see what happens. I may have more suggestions...will report back :)

Caitlin said...

YES, Nichole, great idea! Sounds like you would be a great crazy lady as well ;)

Mom said...

I have had my "Please knock, toddler may be sleeping" for literally years!! and Years!! You definitely have a little thief in your neighborhood. How about writing something like "Don't remover this sign and I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!"

Mom said...

Dad says..."Have Brian just disconnect the doorbell for a while and that will force people to knock." Wise Daddy!

Mom said...

"Or add a little switch to the doorbell transformer, under your stairs or in a closet? and you can turn that switch off when you want the bell to be disabled." One of the dads could do it if Brian is leery. Dad was able to do that in the trailer on a gas detector. You can be the winner in this, you just have to be smarter than the kid who is stealing from you.

ERin said...

or make it so that when the sign is touched they get a little zap of electricity. What? Too far? ;)