Friday, January 9, 2015

He keeps me humble


For your reading pleasure I give you:

Things this week that have humbled me as a parent:


1)  Cleaning out our under-the-stairs cupboard for the one millionth time (the kids spill puzzles and games and GAAAH! Someone save me!) and this time I was forcing the main culprit Isaac to help me.  After several minutes of me grumping, and us not finding missing pieces, etc, he looked at me, sighed, and said, “I’m going to need some alcohol!”

(I. have. no. idea.)


2)  At at the toy store yesterday Isaac grabbed a voice-changing-megaphone and was running around yelling…YELLING!…”Shut up!” and “I’m going to poop on your face!” through it while I chased him grabbing at it and hissing “GIVE THAT TO ME! WE DON’T SAY THAT WORD!” etc.


3)  When I went to pick up Isaac from Sunday school and upon seeing me he yelled, “NO! DIE!!!!” and hid.  At least he…likes it there?…


4)  Two time outs at my mom’s house today for my middle child.  The offense?  Hissing at me when I tell him to do something.  HISSING.


What, are you noticing a theme?  That all of these are about Isaac?  Hmmm… strange.


Please feel free to make me feel better by telling me about how your children pee openly in Target parking lots (Isaac), or in your neighbors yard (Isaac), or “moon” their friends (Isaac), or constantly hide to eat forbidden treats, even if they belong to other people (guess who)


Now who wants to come for a playdate with my angels?  Your kids will learn all sorts of new things…


Brian Bews said...

Oh, darling boy. You make us smile!! You will grow up to do great things :)

Mom said...

I sound like such a mean grandma! YOU were the one who put him in Time-Out, you failed to mention. And Brian Bews...please tell Grace that adults don't like it when children hiss, show their claws, and growl at them!! No reason....