Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Extra! Extra!


I have a new trick that is really helping in my Operation Feel Awesome.  Do you want to hear it?


Doing something besides the feeding of the children, the wiping of the children, the cleaning of the children’s feeding messes.

Doing something that I can actually tell myself- look self!  Look what you did today, you sassy minx! 

Instead of looking around at the continual messy chaos and having the siiiinking feeling that my house would look the same if I had stayed on the couch all day.



Yesterday, I made homemade butterscotch pudding.  And, people!! I strutted around that afternoon feeling like a million bucks.  PUDDING! HOMEMADE PUDDING!  I’m sure Brian is sick of hearing about it, which is why I’m so glad I can share it with you!(pudding!!!)


ALSO, I got entirely caught up on laundry.  Which, can sometimes be a tricky one, because the constancy of laundry can actually be depressing and make you feel LESS awesome. 

BUT, if I focus on the fact that I did all of the back laundry that has been looming in my subconscious, the kids didn’t need to ask me to find clean underwear, and I ended the day with a giant pile of clean fluffy towels? WIN!


Today’s extra was making this stew.  I had hot stew waiting for my family at lunch time!  I have it all together!  Now I don’t have to feel too guilty about my kids eating you-know-whats for dinner tonight! (you-know-whats = corn dogs.  Or chicken nuggets.  Or…shhh!…both!)



(this picture is from the other day when Brian surprised the boys with a bag of donut holes, and when we turned around Samuel had stolen the bag and shoved all of them in his mouth.  ALL of them!  I was so proud.)



The last example I will give you is Valentine decorations.  It turns out if I actually take the time to make/hang up the decorations, then I will spend a million more hours admiring how cheerful my house looks.

Tada!  Valentines Day mobile!!


Now, when I walk into the house and step over the shoes and accidentally kick the remote control motorcycle in the middle of the floor and go around the (clean) laundry basket- my eyes are cheerfully focused ahead of me at this pretty thang above my table!


I would like to note that the metallic paper was VERY hard to cut shapes out of, so Brian had to help me and…is watching your spouse cut out metallic hearts for you a love language??  Because it turns out its MY love language! Raaaawr!! 


The End



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suzy said...

awe! :) samuel is just like luke... stuffing his face! cutie mobile i am so impressed!