Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Monday!



I had all kinds of things on my to do list today, but this little fella has a scratchy throat and a faucet nose!


My sweet little Samuel has a stuffy nose too, and had the worst night of his entire life!!!

(sounds much more dramatic if you don’t remember that he is only 3 weeks old…)


So we road some bikes around the cul-de-sac, did puzzles, books, and art.

My to do list now only consists of “Make it to nap time”


(And if those little angels don’t stop talking and fall asleep before their baby brother gets hungry, I suspect it will change to “Cry and then make it to bedtime.”)


These pictures cheer me up.


(For the record, here was Isaac about 20 seconds before the other pictures were taken, when we told him he couldn’t take his ride-on motorcycle in the van.)


(And 5 seconds after that)



Caitlin said...

poor little guys, hope they feel better!

Jenners said...

I still feel like I try to get to nap time … and I don't even have a baby and my kid is in school almost all day! : )

Mom said...

Mercurial mood swings! Yep, Isaac is NOT feeling good!

Maureen said...

That little guy is just getting funnier by the day!