Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bits and Pieces


Catching up a bit!


Yesterday I carried on a 10 minute conversation with our neighbors, talking about how three kids were no big deal so far- and when I came in I realized that my shirt was on inside out.  And the ponytail was not as camouflaging to my two-day-dirty hair as I imagined.

I think they may suspect that I’m lying.


(long, long nails at birth.  Dude was clearly overcooked.)


Joseph has a pair of boxer briefs that he loves, loves, loves and refers to as “his favorite undies.” 

Every night after bath/shower, he asks if his “favorite undies” are clean, and lately the answer has been no.  Finally a few days ago, I excitedly told him that yes! they are clean tonight! 

To which he replied, “Interesting!  So, to clean a pair of undies, it takes about 4 days!”


Joseph has also suggested that we refer to Samuel as “waaahmuel”. 

Although, really folks, other than 7pm-midnight, he is an ANGEL!


(fuzzy eyebrows!!)


The rains have started here in the Portland metro area.  I would call them the autumn rains, but any Oregonian knows that they are actually the autumn-winter-spring-and early summer rains.

I am so happy they are here!  Rain on the roof, cozy fires, sweatshirt season, pumpkins, apples, Halloween on the horizon, Christmas after that, AND a new sweet smelling newborn that is ALL MINE?!  I am so blessed.





Caitlin said...

Big brother talk, love it! Samuel is beautiful!

Caitlin said...

Big brother talk, love it! Samuel is beautiful!

Jenners said...

Oh that comment from Joseph is priceless! Totally cracks me up!

And loving the baby photos!

ter@waaoms said...

oh my goodness, the toes!!