Friday, May 13, 2011

It’s not you, it’s me. It’s not me, it’s my immune system.



Since we have moved out here, we have been sick…well…most of the time.

I swear that every other week or so one of us will say,

“My throat is feeling scratchy”

and the other one will look at the possessor of the scratchy throat in fear and horror, swallow several times to test his/her own throat’s scratchiness, and then run for the vitamins! neti pot! coldeeze! all to no avail.


I would like to blame it on my gym’s day care, but really I don’t need one more reason NOT to work out.  So I am blaming it on the entire East Coast.  Seems reasonable, eh?


Just in case, I am also trying to continue to eat healthy, cutting out lots of processed food and sugar. 

I am hoping that a byproduct of this healthful-eating will be the incredibly svelte figure of years gone by making an appearance before this here birth control fails and I end up pregnant again.

But, also, I am sitting here eating maple syrup off of a spoon. 

Counterproductive? It’s natural, right?  Should I just give up the pretenses and eat the rest of those Starbursts that have been making eyes at me from the top shelf of my cupboard all day long?


Anywhoo, I am mostly fully recovered from my latest bout and I am hoping to have a good five days of blogging before I am leveled with the next plague.

Which would be great because I have lots to talk about with you.



Like how my parents came! And it was FABULOUS! 



Mothers Day!  And how I got a pot that I have seriously been coveting for 2.5+ years. (Dear Caitlin, get a life.)



Or how I have been wrestling with a bout of mother-guilt today because

a) Isaac doesn’t know his body parts (eyes, nose, ears, etc) even though I KNOW Joseph did at this age, not because he is not as smart as Joseph, but because I have never once tried to teach it to him.  It just didn’t occur to me. Mom-Fail.

b) Isaac had a giant smile on his face the entire time we were at the zoo today because he hasn’t been to the zoo since he was an infant.  The mall?  Weekly.  The zoo?  Annually.  Mom-Fail.

c)  Joseph knows the words to “Superfreak(a song that I don’t love, but it seems to show up on Pandora quite often) but not “Jesus Loves Me.”  Although,now that I think of it, he does say “Super FEET” and hum a lot, so I suppose it is about even.  Whew.



Lastly, at the end of my trip to the zoo today, one of the moms from my meetup group that I like told me, “If you ever want to hang out sometime and let our boys play you should give me a call.”


I don’t want to jinx it,

but I think that I am right,

am I right readers?,

means that someone just got her very first friend in New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Now if you’ll please excuse me, I am going to go suck on the boys’ berry flavored kid’s toothpaste.



Maureen said...

SHE is the lucky one to hang out with you, Caitlin! You are a good time, to be sure!

Jenners said...

It is probably all the air pollution that is making you all sick.

And I think second kids always get the short shrift because hey ... they are second kids and moms are overwhelmed!!

Yay for your new friend!!!

T Rex Mom said...

I worry about similar things for Bebe Sister. But I also know she has a sibling to enjoy at this age and her older brother never had that. So there are some perks in either direction.

Maybe all that time at the gym has made you metabolism go a bit faster thus making you need more calories.

And what's making you sick? Probably a combo of things and once you get it all figured out you'll have to adjust to a new place.

Yeah for the new friend! But know we still miss you here. Our zoo trips without Joseph being terrified of the masks are just not the same.

ter@waaoms said...

boo to being sick! glad you're feeling well enough to blog!

britney said...

You would think if they have a shower-stall-wiper/new-mat-giver-lady at the gym then they would be as clean in the daycare...right?