Monday, May 23, 2011

It must be bedtime


(Isaac strolling by himself down the Jersey shore on Mother’s day)


I stepped in poop twice today.

Let me rephrase that to clear up any confusion:

I stepped in ISAAC’s poop twice today.


I would tell you more about these incidents which caused said poop to end up on the floor (and eventually my foot), but trust me, you don’t want to know, and I don’t want to remember it in the future.

Let’s just say that those two bowls of chili, washed down with watermelon that he ate for dinner last night was a mistake.  A BIIIG mistake.


So now I am finishing the mindless picking up of toys, books, clothes, sippy cups and starting my daily ritual: reflecting on my day.


On the times that I wanted to yell, “is this some kind of a (swear word) joke?!”:


-Like when I was cleaning up afore mentioned poop from our train table (I told you that you don’t want to know) and Isaac took the opportunity to dump out all of our recycling and my clean, folded laundry.


-Or when Joseph starts every single sentence with “Mama.” 

And how most of those sentences go like this, “Mama?  Mama? Mama? Mama?”

“Yes Joseph.”

“Oh.  Evermind.”

(or sometimes)

“I was just talking to myself Mama.”

(or often)

“(insert some question/comment about super heroes/astronauts/aliens that he has asked and had answered 59 billion times)”


And when we were standing in line at Costco after a looong shopping trip and the lady behind me said,

 “Why don’t you take that thing out of your baby’s mouth so I can see his face?” (she meant Isaac’s binky)

So I pulled it out, Isaac starting screaming and frantically trying to climb out of the cart, and I turned to the lady and said,

“That’s why.”

(Actually that moment was kind of awesome.)



I think of the good times too.  The times that I thought, ‘Man, BEING A MOM ROCKS!’


Like when Joseph spontaneously tells me that he loves me.


Or when Isaac leaned over in the Costco cart and gave Joseph kisses.


When Joseph said,

“Hey!  I have a rhyme Mama!  Pin it to the door, pin it to the whore!”

and I just about spit out my coffee all over the breakfast table.


Or when Isaac yelled to get my attention in the car and I looked back to see him with his finger ALL THE WAY up his nostril.  Like to his last knuckle!  And the most surprised look on his face.

And how he held it in there the whole way home.




Next, after the reflecting, comes the nightly self- flagellation of my mistakes.  Times that I should have been more patient, mostly.


How I probably shouldn’t have forbid Joseph from talking about astronauts for the rest of the night.


Or told him that Mommy was busy making dinner and would make him a new sticker chart right afterwards. (And I still haven’t.)


How I got impatient with Isaac for yelling all the time instead of trying to communicate and just gave him his binky and a movie to keep him quiet for a while.



But when Joseph just got out of bed a minute ago, I gave him a kiss instead of the “trouble” I told him he was going to get in if he came out again.

And I really do plan on making that stinking sticker chart tomorrow.  Assuming I am not so tired.


And I stepped in poop twice today, for Pete’s sake!!

How about I cut myself some slack!


Until tomorrow night, that is.


blueviolet said...

I love that moment in the store. That was classic! But wow, two poop step-upons. Bad, so very, very bad.

ter@waaoms said...


sarah said...

ive been having that poopy kind of week too (literally) and have been onto myself about my lacking patience and areas where i am "not good enough" as a mom- so i SO APPRECIATE your timing. really.

and i also really love your quick thinking in costco. you know if hed been screaming the whole time, the lady would be wishing she couldnt see his cute little face. :)

T Rex Mom said...

Thank you for my dose of laughter this evening. Motherhood does rock. And I really do love having little kids. They keep life simple.

That rhyme was just too funny. I just about spat out my chocolate angelfood cake while I read that!

Maureen said...

All I can say is THANK YOU for being such a wonderful Momma to those two adorable and challenging grandsons of is the toughest and most important job ever!

Jenners said...

I flagellate myself nightly too. It is a mom thing I guess. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the interaction at the store. Too perfect!!! (Thank you for not photographing you and the poop.)

britney said...

AAAAHHahahaha! "Pin it to the whore". Thank you once again for making me cry, laughing so hard.