Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 months


(Alternatively titled: KA-BAM!!)

You ready for the belly shot?

Here I am on Tuesday, at 32 weeks one day (aka 8 months) pregnant


Wowza!  Helloooooo Isaac!

Please compare:

25 weeks



32 weeks    IMG_0258

BIG difference!

He is hanging out low and to the front.

Isn’t it incredible what our bodies can do?

And nobody needs to worry about telling me that I don’t look that big… I know that I am looking big.  And I have 2 months to go! 

But, I’m fine with it- that’s just me when I’m pregnant. 

I’m big. 

That’s how I roll (or waddle?). 

This is what happens when you produce children with a man a foot taller than you are, and when your muscle wall is ripped apart with an umbilical hernia.

Although, if one more stranger in a grocery store comments on how I am about to POP!, I may suffocate someone with my ginormous belly.



Ter said...

I bet you look cute when you waddle.

what is your official due date?

T Rex Mom said...

You look really great! Seriously!

And people always make those comments about "you're going to pop any day now". Sometimes they just don't know what to say.

Can't wait to meet your little guy!

Jenners said...

You little penguin you! And I remember when you first started posting your belly shots ... it was so small and round! And now you've got 2 MORE MONTHS! Ack! Hang in there!

septembermom said...

Waddle with style :)

Jen said...

You are just so cute! Really, I love the belly.

Ally said...

I feel for you girl, thats what I looked like with my last pregnancy. You do look great though!!

Maureen said...

THANK YOU CAITLIN!!! For being such a good and self-sacrificing Momma. You are a darling pregnant lady in my opinion :)

suzy said...

you are SO cute!!!

Momma said...

I went to a Christmas party a week before you were born, but I made a big mistake and wore a sweater-type maternity dress. I walked into the room and fifty people burst into raucous laughter. Pretty embarrassing!