Friday, July 31, 2009

Let’s Chat.



Hello, my dears. 

Good news!  Today, for the first time, I feel as though I am emerging from the fog of pregnant exhaustion.

I can function.

I can clean things.

I don’t think I will fall asleep every time I blink.

But, I think that I should still take a little nap…just in case…


Anywho, I thought we should catch up.



Sadly, tomorrow I am leaving on a road trip for Oregon and I will be gone all week.

Poor Brian will be alone for 8 days, with only a very long To Do List for company…sigh…

If you are one of my real-life-Oregon friends (you know who you are) and you would like to be blessed with our company, give me a call.



This past week, I have backed the car over my stroller TWICE.

In public.

With Joseph in it.

JUST KIDDING about that last one- but it really makes me feel better about JUST running over the stroller



Have I mentioned to you before that Brian is the secretary of our Home Owners Association?

Like, taking notes, recording minutes kind of secretary?


That’s all I had to say about that.  Just thought you might like a giggle. 

Maybe I am going to have to get HIM a secretary’s costume for “special occasions” (wink, wink)



Do you know how much I hate Earwigs?  They are by far my least favorite bugs.

And let me tell you why:

Spiders are creepy, but when you see one, it is just sitting on the wall, saying, “Hello, there, I’m a spider.

Earwigs, on the other hand, are sneaky.  They could be anywhere!


In my folded up bath towel

Underneath that sock I left on the ground

In between the pages of Joseph’s coloring book

So, they always take you by surprise!  And then they wiggle off all slithery and creepy…yuck!

I swear that, around the house, yard, patio, garage, etc. I see about 10 a week.

Which is probably some universe-laughing-at-me thing since I declared them my Least Favorite bug.

So, for the record, my NEW Least Favorite Bug is the Lady Bug.

Bring ‘em on.



If you are looking to waste some time, check out this hilarious song/video.  Really, I die laughing.

OH, but it DOES have a little bit of “Adult language,” (only like 2 words, don’t worry) so for all of you who should NOT be hearing that (*cough* My niece, Brenna, *cough*), feel free to head over and watch this video instead.  Much better.



And, finally, because no post is complete without some pictures, here is Joseph being goofy with his Daddy’s hat.

IMG_4080   IMG_4087



He thinks he is SO funny now days. 

And I am trying to savor this stage when his “jokes” do not involve poop or underwear.  Because those days are coming.


T Rex Mom said...

Yeah!!! So glad you're back in the blogging world!

Have a great trip - we will miss you!

Ter said...

what's with everyone going to oregon this week!? have fun! don't forget your interview will be posted tonight/tomorrow morning at midnight.

septembermom said...

Caitlin, glad that you're feeling well! Hope you have a great trip! Thanks for the video. I enjoyed all your thoughts today and, of course it's always wonderful to see your Joseph in photos!

Momma said...

Find out when "Secretary's Day" is and you can honor his position in style!
Cute pictures with his Daddy's hat, too.

britney said...

I loved that video about the pregnant women! The part about the cliches was my favorite. I tried not to say that I didn't care what the gender of our baby was (because we kind of wanted a boy to be honest), but when I would say "oh we are hoping for a boy" people would look at me like I was horrible. So I just had to start saying "oh we don't really care".

Jenners said...

Have so much fun on the trip! Don't fall asleep while driving!! And your son is adorable...soooooo cute! I hope you have a girl actually so your new baby doesn't have to compete with the utter cuteness that is Joseph.

Nina said...

Sounds like you are feeling better. Did your stroller survive the squishing?

~~Mel~~ said...

I hopped on over from Ter's blog and I think I'll stick around! Cute little boy you have there.

Mellises said...

I just missed you in Oregon! Kendra and Jay Holloway (remember Holloways at all?) got married July 25th. I flew home the 29th. Shoot!

Azúcar said...

I have backed up over my stroller; the wheel is all wonky now. I'm not buying a new one, so every time I use the thing it's like an act of penitence.