Thursday, July 30, 2009




Tonight, instead of our usual Thursday’s Culinary Adventure, we will be embarking on an adventure of a different kind.

Hint:  It is expensive, some people claim it is a scam, and it involves urine.



Well, I’ll just have to tell you…

It’s the Intelligender test!


For those of you who have never heard of this test, let me briefly explain:


You pee in a cup, dump it into this test tube thingy, twirl it around, and based on what color your urine turns, it is supposed to tell you if you are having a boy or a girl, when you are as early as 10 weeks pregnant. 

Doesn’t that sound fun?

Doesn’t that sound sketchy?


The website claims that it is 80% effective, oddly enough, and since I don’t care what we are having, I figured that I wouldn’t be that disappointed if it turned out to be wrong.


For reasons that I am sure you can all imagine, I did not take step-by-step pictures of me on this adventure.

But, I did take a picture of the result:  Please brace yourselves for viewing pictures of my urine.  See how much I love you all?





See, as long as the pee turns green, and matches one shade of the color on the label, then it is a boy.  The words don’t actually show up, they are already there and you just have to match.

Here is what it had to match to be a girl


Pretty close, right?  Like, disconcertingly close? 

Couldn’t they have chosen pink and blue?

In person, though, you could tell that it had a green hue, and none of the “Girl” colors matched really.


I looked online at some sample results, and it looked like a lot of the “Boy” results were really dark green and a little smoky/cloudy (They were all further along than me though…).

The “Girl” results ranged from light orange to a bright orange.

And the label said that any green means boy, even if it isn’t “Smoky”. (And really, who wants to have smoky urine?  Isn’t green urine bad enough?)

So…I’m going with boy for now.


But, here’s the thing.

Assuming that the test is 80% effective:

-Since I took the test on the earlier side (12.5 weeks), I am going to, realistically take the % down to about 75%.


-Then, I saw on their website that a BOY result is less accurate than a GIRL result, for some reason.  If it says GIRL, it is pretty sure, BOY, not so much.  SOOOOO… since mine said BOY, I’m going to take it on down to 70%.


-And, lastly, since my result was pretty light…I’m going to say that it is probably about 65% effective.

Which, let’s face it, is hardly better than guessing.  I was already at 50%.


Or, as I said to Brian this morning, “Congratulations, you MAY or MAY NOT be having another son.”

I should have baked something instead.


blueviolet said...

Ok, at the risk of being completely crass, I don't see anything but a bottle of piss and that's a piss poor test with its murky readings.

;) (I'm so excited about your pregnancy, by the way!)

Ter said...

The reason why it wouldn't be accurate for boy at that age is that they haven't developed their sexual genders yet. So who knows!

But, gee, thanks for the photos of your pee. I may have to rethink you as my follower of the month....


People should be so glad to know you so intimately! lol ;)

septembermom said...

I would've been confused trying to figure out that test. You must have felt like a scientist during your analysis :)

Aileigh said...

I have to agree with BlueViolet! Seriously.... How can you read those results? I can't wait to see what the actual outcome will be!

Nina said...

You can make me laugh so hard sometimes. I am glad you enjoy this whole process.

I did the ultra-sound method with both. When I heard boy for baby # 2 I wasn't convinced because my pregnancy was so different and I was carrying him high and carried my other son low. I was convinced they had it wrong but it was a boy. Truth is he is just one very different boy from his brother. Just wait for that fun to start :)

T Rex Mom said...

Initially I thought girl but I changed my mind for you about 6-7 weeks ago. So, I'm also saying boy for now.

You're totally making me want to go out and try it just for comparisons sake! Wonder if there are any coupons for these tests?!?

britney said...

It almost seems like even different lighting could alter the results. Either way, it would be so awsome if you had another boy. Guess we'll just have to find out in eight more weeks.

Momma said...

More green than orange, I agree with you that it looks like a boy.....for now, anyway. This is the family gender "tie-breaker", so the cousins are waiting with great anticipation to see if the girls rule and boys drool, or the other way around.

Jenners said...

Well, I guess I could make this for dinner sometime but I'm not sure how my family would feel about it. Congrats on your maybe a boy but not really sure.

Jen said...

I have not heard of this thing but that is just too funny.