Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holiday Weekend



I have one more post that I may be…well…posting tomorrow, but it has a video in it and Blogger has been trying to upload it literally all day.  I refuse to write any more posts until it is finished- it’s the principle of the thing!

So, I hope that you all have lovely 4th of July weekends!

Joseph and I just picked out some fireworks today for us to set off in our driveway. 

He gasped with excitement when he saw each lovely firework container- not even realizing that the real excitement it inside!  (Although, let’s face it, he will probably be terrified.)  I love picking out fireworks too, though- ranks right up there with the pumpkin patch and tree farm!

Then, while I was picking out more fireworks, he “passed gas.”  Now, I am ashamed to admit, that usually when he does this, we all laugh.  Yet another thing that I am sure I will regret some day.  But, I DO follow it up with a “Say ‘Excuse Me!'.’”

Anyway, Joseph laughed and laughed, per usual, while I ignored him and tried to continue talking to firework-lady.

He then proceeded to grab my face and pull it towards his so that I had to make eye contact and acknowledge him laughing at his fart. 

I am sure that the lady knew what was going on, as I heard her chuckle as well…

Slightly embarrassing, and another sign that I may be too young to have children.

Oh well, Happy 4th of July Weekend!





septembermom said...

As a mom of 3 boys, I can tell you that "fart humor" always makes them laugh! Cute post and photos :)

Nina said...

Just wait until they smell something and ask you if you farted, even if you didn't and all the store hears. It only gets better.

Maureen said...

There is NO WAY I could have kept a straight face if that little guy grabbed my face to see him laughing. To be sure, one of the most challenging aspects of being a "grown up" is having to behave like one :)