Tuesday, May 12, 2015



You guys!  Guess what?!



Gaaaah! Can you believe it?!   Yes, yes you can, especially if you look closely and you can see all of my crooked seams….aaaaaIso maybe some of the pillow covers on the small pillows were supposed to be for the big pillows, but then I measured wrong and…hey!  Lets focus on the positive!  First ever pillllooowwwws!!

I have been looking at new pillow covers online for a while now (We got our current ones when we moved to New Jersey 5 ish years ago!), and I was feeling so discouraged about how expensive they all are!

Then, I thought waiiiit a minute.  I think I can make those!  And then I thought, nope.  Probably I can’t!  And then I watched a youtube video on how to make envelope closure pillows and I was back to thinking I could!

And so I did!

I might have ignored my children a bit all afternoon to get them done, but when they were like “Seriously, Mom, we are HUNGRY FOR SNACK”  I totally popped them some microwave popcorn.

Also, when Samuel woke up from his nap, I definitely snuggled him while carrying him down the stairs and making my voice sound all excited about the new! sewing machine! he gets to watch!

Then I plopped him in a chair right next to me while he said “What’s this?  Wow, good job!  What’s this?” a million times while I shrieked “Don’t touch that!  Thank you!  Don’t touch that!” a million more.

Lastly, dinner was yogurt with granola, and a side of carrot sticks and grapes.

So they weren’t too neglected is what I’m saying.

After the kids were in bed, I ran downstairs and hunched back over the machine, and Brian was like “I’m going to the half price movie at the theater I guess” and I was like, “What?  Are you talking to me?” and off he went.

So he’s not here to praise me anymore, and my mom is apparently living her life? or something?  And can’t respond to my maaaany Facebook messages/pictures that I’ve sent her in the past hour (RUDE!) so here I sit reaching out to YOU, blog.

  For a little praise, a teensy pat on the back, and also to commemorate these pillows-  before the boys jump on them tomorrow and bust all of the seams.


Maureen said...

Now THOSE are some Boss mix and match pillows! You are and should be VERY proud of yourself, Caitlin! Way to go :)

Breanna said...

I have been dying to catch up on your blogging and love that you made pillows!! They look awesome!