Saturday, May 9, 2015



I didn’t mean to take such a long blogging break, just like I didn’t mean to not lose all of the baby weight from my pregnancies! But here we are people!

Its feeling like summer here, and we are eating outside, staying up late, getting the tub all filthy.

I think maybe I just had a baby?  But no, he’s 2.5, potty trained, and pronounces his name “Samels” (rhymes with camels)




And this fella here is getting registered for kindergarten, in size 7-8 clothes, and is nearly 60 pounds.  He will do anything to make other kids laugh.  Like….anything.




Last but not least Joseph is 7.5 here in a week or so (an excuse for cake?) and now runs off to play with neighborhood boys instead of his Mama?!  Also, watch out, he will talk your ear off with his new interest…ROCKS AND MINERALS!!






As for me- I’m hanging in there!  Equal parts excited for and dreading summer vacation.  And loving having NO MORE DIAPERS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 7 YEARS OH MY GOOOOOSH!  You should feel my purse, people.  It’s seriously so light.

unnamed (4)

Just like my…heart?  (I never know how to end these blog posts)



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Mom said...

You are too funny!! Your pillows are adorable, and I am so proud of you! Those kids are about the least neglected children in the whole neighborhood, if not the whole city. Love you!