Thursday, October 23, 2014

Things that this child does not like



- Socks that are too loose

- Socks that are too tight

- Socks that are too “strange” feeling

- Shoes that might fall off (note: they have never fallen off, and they fit him perfectly.  He admits this)

- Shoes that are too “squeezy”

- Pants that are not elastic waistband (even if he picked them out himself at the store and insisted that they were comfy and that he loved them the best of any pants ever)

- Waistbands below his belly button (Hellloooo Steve Urkel!)

- Fingernails that are too short, or sharp, or “fuzzy”

- Shirts with stretched out neck holes

- Clothing that might make him hot.   Or cold.  Or both.  Or either.

- Sleeves that cannot be comfortably pushed up and stay up.  Including (here’s where it gets tricky) coats and rain jackets.


And that was just this morning.



Mom said...

But the smile!!

suzy said...

oh my goodness! reminds me of how introverted people sometimes have stronger senses. lol! this is a great book if you haven't read it... really interesting!

Maureen said...

Some of those particulars MAY have come from his fathers side :) But they are SO WORTH the hassles, huh??? :)