Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Right this second


As I’m typing this, I have chocolate chip cookies in the oven, rain hitting the window, and a fresh pot of coffee brewing.

Won’t Brian be delighted when I bring it upstairs to his office?  Don’t you wish that you worked from my home?  Yes you do.  And you wouldn’t mind if I came in a few dozen times a day to complain about your children and demand a hug, would you?  No you wouldn’t.


I should actually be watching the cookies right now, because my last few batches haven’t turned out so well.  But, I think I solved that by having NO HELPERS this time!  “Whoops, Mama, I spilt part of the egg!”  Whoops, Mama, the flour is all over the ground!”  Seriously, the odds were stacked against me.  So this time, I mixed in secret.


As I’m typing this, Isaac has refused a nap, even after swimming for hours this morning (Do hear this, adult Isaac?  You REFUSED A NAP on a rainy day when your bed was warm, and with the promise of fresh cookies afterwards!  I am equally baffled.)

He is sitting at the table gluing faces on pumpkin cut-outs, but mostly gluing his HAND to pumpkin cut outs, and REALLY MOSTLY pouting.  We are on Day Three of no screen time, you see, and he is still shocked and saddened by this turn of events.  But, he is gluing his hand to paper instead of watching Ninjago with his tongue hanging out, so I’m considering it a win.

And even though I miss the quick tranquilizing effect of a show in the afternoon, I am loving the extra play time they are having.  The better imaginations.  The better attitudes (mostly) 


With those ramblings I am off- the cookies are ready, the coffee just beeped, and Isaac just wandered in to tell me he is out of glue.

(I bet you he licked some)