Tuesday, April 23, 2013



(Our tree in our front yard.  What a gift!)DSC_0017


Spring in Western Oregon is rather idyllic. 

Assuming you don’t mind days upon days of drizzle-mist-downpour-gloom (I don’t), you will be rewarded with weeks-nay! months!- of mild weather and blossoms everywhere.


And I actually feel that the rainy days makes the sunny days better?


Cleaner, and clearer, and “We can’t waste this weather- get outside!”…-er.

I was sitting on a bench at a park today. 


Samuel was sleeping in the stroller (the only 15 minute nap he took this afternoon, but whatev.), and the boys were playing in the nearby wooded area.


Joseph kept wanting to go deeper, out of my sight, caught up in exploring and OFF OF THE COMPUTER!

Isaac was up a tree (we are postponing family photo retakes due to his recent tree-climbing escapades, and their effect on his cheeks/nose/forehead). 


The forest smelled all warm and sweet, and the sun was shining on me and I was filled with the feeling that, in that moment, I was exactly where I wanted to be.



Except for, you know, my bed.












ps,  Isaac at the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC in 2011


This tree was right outside the White House.


Jen said...

Beautiful babies and beautiful trees.

T Rex Mom said...

All fabulous photos. I am still waiting for it to feel like spring here.

grandma said...

Samuel has discovered his tongue, I see. Darling photos!!

ter@waaoms said...

Wow, lucky you. It snowed here today.... we haven't gotten our spring yet. Had a couple nice days earlier this week that melted the snow we had, but then it got cold again.

Samuel looks just like Issac!

Jenners said...

I love how Samuel is using his tongue! So cute!! And those kind of trees are the best! And I agree … Oregon makes you appreciate the sunny days more than any where else. When I lived there, I cherished a sunny lovely day. YAY SPRING!