Thursday, April 18, 2013

Family Pictures



Do you know what I love about getting professional photos?

I feel like I have officially preserved a moment in time.


This moment, right now, with three very little boys.


Check!  Here it is.


You know what else I love about professional photos?


Some day I will look back at them and remember what the boys were like at this age,


how they felt in my arms, and their sweet little smiles,


and I will NOT remember that:


1) I was a sweaty mess.

2) I yelled at Brian and was super mean before we left home because AHH! We were going to be late!! (except that we ended up being early)  (sorry again, schnookums!)

3) I brought the white shirts for ONLY the family pictures, and colored shirts for everything else, but because I was so distracted and trying to make sure things went smoothly (see #1), I FORGOT TO CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES until the photographer said, “We’re done!” and I had to ask for one more pose.

4)  One of our children was getting rough with another (smaller) one of our children (whatever.  It was Isaac being rough with Samuel, okay?) and I had to do some whisper-yelling and arm squeezing. 


5)  I panicked when picking out the picture packages and ended up buying the WHOLE PHOTO SESSION.  Whoops.

6)  The whole photo session costing 7 times more than the groupon that I originally bought for this session.  Double whoops.

7)  That I still didn’t quite get the individual shots I wanted of the boys, so I made Brian call and ask for a retake session.  For free.  With free rights to the images.   (it worked!  Retakes next week!)



Except, now maybe I will remember?


Because I blogged about it?


All I know is, just like motherhood, most of the crazy and the hard fades away, and you are left with the beauty of the job that you wouldn’t trade for anything.

And all I will see when I look at these photos, is how I am blessed beyond measure!



Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

This was just the cutest, sweetest most wonderful look at your family!

grandma said...

I Love the photos! Especially that last one. The colors are so nice for the spring, and they are darn CUTE!

Jenners said...

You got some really great photos … my favorites are the ones with silly faces (Isaac can be counted on for that, eh?). It is so worth it to pay whatever you paid!

ter@waaoms said...

great photos. I think the best part is that EVERYONE is in the photo... no one hiding behind the camera making it look like they aren't part of the family.