Friday, March 1, 2013

Well, that was unexpected.



Here we are- Friday again!- and a week after I posted last.

A week of sicknesses and great gnashing of teeth.

I will spare everyone the details, but let’s just sum it up by saying that my house and I have now fallen into that black-hole-of-chaos  I mentioned being on the brink of.



Buuuut, I think we are all on the upswing!  And some pretty sweet things happened this week too.

Like everyone napping, and Joseph climbing into my bed after he woke up and falling BACK to sleep, and then Samuel coming into my bed and the three of us falling back to sleep all over again.! A mama sandwiched by needy, loving little boys.

Or Joseph waiting anxiously while the Target cashier counted out all of his hard-earned quarters/nickels/dimes to see if he had $10.99 for a Star Wars mask.  Oh, his expression!  And the relief when she said, “You have the perfect amount!”  It hurts my heart.


And when the boys were playing in the backyard, and Joseph said, “Isaac!  Lets learn about shapes!” holding a piece of sidewalk chalk, and Isaac responded, “No thanks!  I riding my bike with this worm on the back!”  (he did, indeed, have a worm on the back of his seat).  Doesn’t that (and the picture at the top of this post) just sum up the two of them so perfectly?!

Also, today, they were in the backyard again (I shut them out there sometimes) and I saw them pass by the sliding door, Joseph muttering, “We just need to find something SHARP…”


Couple that with a box of Samoas that Brian brought me (he was also sick and was feeling bad for being..well…useless.), and the week doesn’t look so bad on this end of it!


While I shovel my way out of the mess this weekend, here are some videos to keep you company!


They aren’t that thrilling, but- frankly- they are all I’ve got!



This first one is a bit long.  Okay, reaaaally long.  But, a pretty accurate example of an evening around here- and some peeks around my playroom. 

You might want to jump to 5 minutes in, where things pick up. 

As a bonus you will get to see Isaac throw a quick temper tantrum- something I don’t usually video tape or take pictures of (why would I want to remember it?!)- but it happened spontaneously, so here you go!

And, lastly, poor little sick Samuel.  It is really quite pitiful, but be comforted to hear that he is mostly better and has been held/kissed/coddled all.week.long.


ter@waaoms said...

feel better!!

Jenners said...

We've got the sickness here too … NOT FUN!! That photo is CLASSIC. Cracks me up. Feel better soon. More Girl Scout cookies will help that.