Monday, February 4, 2013

To My Darling Isaac on the Day After His 3rd Birthday



Dear Isaac,

Let me start by saying that I’m sorry that this birthday post is a day late, and that your birthday fell on Superbowl Sunday this year.


And, lastly, I’m sorry that you were not FOUR when you woke up this morning, like you were hoping!


But, oh!  My boy!  How I love you!


Your name means “Laughter”, and you have brought SO much of it into our lives!


So much exhaustion as well- but I’m sure it will be the laughter that I will remember most!


I am so happy that we are back in Oregon where I can share your sparkle with family we love!

You have had a contagious aura of joy around you since your babyhood-


making strangers and homeless men smile on the subway trains!


I can’t wait to see what kind of young man you grow into, (and what positive outlets you choose for that ENERGY!)


But I know that I will miss your hard (painful) hugs and your loud kisses.


Stay little a bit longer, my big boy!


I love you!

Love, Mama


Isaac @ 0


Isaac @ 1


Isaac @ 2


PS: Speaking of laughter- I was talking to the boys at breakfast this morning about some things we might do this afternoon. 

I said, “maybe we will read some books, or play, or watch a movie or…” and Isaac interrupted to say, “Maybe I will choke and throw up? I don’t know!  We will have to see!”


Jenners said...

Oh Lord … maybe "I'll choke and throw up." That had me laughing. Never has a child had such an apt name!

T Rex Mom said...

I hope for neither choking or vomiting for him.

Gosh, I did not realize how much he resembled Joseph as a newborn. Love his haircut, too.

He does sound like a force of nature but a delightful one at that. Watch - he will be your easiest teen!

Caitlin said...

happy belated birthday isaac, you funny, funny boy! i hope he didn't choke or vomit! he brightens my day just hearing what he does/says!
love from australia x

ter@waaoms said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!

I hope he had a wonderful day!!