Monday, February 18, 2013

Some information to you from me


Good news!


Ol’ blue eyes here is going to bed before midnight!!!


Bad news!


He is only napping for 15-20 minute increments!


And hates all bouncy-seats!




So he is pretty much a lap dog/ parrot on my shoulder/ tumor all day long.

But a cute one!  And a happy one! 


Oh, he is so lovely that I almost don’t mind him not napping! (almost!) 

He smells delicious and his hair is the softest thing in the world!  He has the most perfectly round, flushed cheeks, and when I carry him, his stomach sloshes like a water bottle because he is so full of milk!  I’m in LOVE!


Despite this love, though, I kind of feel like our household is on the edge of a black hole of chaos.

(don’t tell Joseph- he’s afraid of black holes)

(It’s why he doesn’t want to be an astronaut- “What if it somehow gets closer to us and I get sucked in!  I just don’t know what’s on the OTHER SIDE??!!!”  He’s…well…an anxious sort)

Basically, I worry that if I spend one day not frantically scrubbing counters/picking up toys/washing clothes/dishes, dishes, dishes, we will fall through said black hole and it will take me weeks to recover!


So, blogging has been the first thing to go, allowing me a few more precious minutes.

Aww, who am I kidding?  SHAVING MY LEGS has been the first thing to go!  Haha!  Seriously- I’ve only shaved twice since the baby has been born.  Whatev!  Haven’t you heard of wool leggings??!!


So, if you have been wondering- “Where did Caitlin go?”, you are not alone.  I have wondered the same thing!  Where am I? 

Aren’t I more than a sandwich-maker and lego-fixer? 

A nose wiper and a fight-breaker-upper?

(note to self: use “referee” next time.  It’s easier and more like English) 

(see!  I can’t even type!) 


But, Lo! just this week, maybe it was some springish weather?  Or my tubby-tub-Samuel’s earlier bedtime?  I am feeling something inside of me stretch and reawaken.  Caitlin is coming back people!!


In other news, Joseph is reading  books for hours a day, and Isaac hit his mouth and has a dead tooth.

See you soon!


Caitlin said...

what a little cutie chubbers is! what did isaac hit his mouth on? good to have you back!

Caitlin said...

Hmmm... We think he hit it on the bathtub? But it really could have been any of a dozen occurrences of mouth-hitting. He is quite active!

Freya said...

Oh my gosh, Samuel seems to have suddenly turned into baby Issac - they look so similar to me (i mean comparing baby Issac and baby Samuel).

They are amazing boys!

Glad you're feeling more like yourself again.

Freya x

Jenners said...

I'll take whatever Cailin I can get!!!