Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The no-nap adjustment



(along with photos of Isaac coloring for the first time)

(did you spot the toast?)


I am having trouble with this new no-nap day that Joseph has. 

Don’t get me wrong, the early bedtimes are fab, and it frees me up to do a lot of things during the day… but when do I BLOG, folks?


Anyway, I was all set to come on here last night and complain about it for a while, but then I ended up having a FANTASTIC afternoon.


The kids played quietly next to me while I thumbed through a catalog.


Joseph laughed at my jokes and Isaac giggled as I chewed on his toes.


We shared bites of a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich between the three of us, and nobody cried when it was gone, or whined about who got the last bite. (me.)


Pandora seemed to be playing my song for an hour straight.  Just spot on! 


(I swear he colored that all by himself!)

We all danced together, and Joseph and I spent some time laughing over Isaac’s attempts at jumping along with the beat.


The boys wrestled a bit on some cushions, including some impressive ninja-kick-jumps from Joseph, and no one got hurt.


We got a package from a dear friend (more on that later) which whipped up some super-hero frenzy in Joseph.


The boys ate their weight in chicken nuggets and apple slices for dinner (whatev.) and went to bed with only a few protests.


Basically, the stars aligned and it was awesome.

I want more of those Tuesday afternoons.


I want THAT to be the reason that I am not blogging.


PS Joseph was there too- talking as usual!




Maureen said...

LOVE that you were blessed with that afternoon and I wish SO many more for you...and they will come, maybe not just all in a row :)
Love you all!!!

T Rex Mom said...

Sounds just delightful. Yeah for the package!

Impressive coloring, Isaac. Bebe Sister is also really getting into coloring as well. But mostly, the eating of the crayons is the best. Maybe I need a slice of toast in the crayon bin and then that won't happen.

Jen said...

That is awesome and I don't want to burst your bubble but usually the day without the nap is awesome b/c its the next day that sucks the big one.

Jenners said...

One of the worst days of my life was when the Little One gave up his naps. Urgh. Glad you were blessed with a Very Good Day. They are rare and they are amazing.

Rachel said...

I love those rare moments :)

septembermom said...

Hope tons of good days keep coming your way. I miss those nap days when the kids are crazy.