Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catching Up


- I am finally 80% recovered after a nasty bout of strep throat!  It knocked me flat and I couldn’t leave the bed for almost 3 days. 

Would sound lovely, if my head hadn’t been pounding, my throat hadn’t been on fire, and my body hadn’t been trembling with fever chills.

I can’t go into too many details about how Brian’s time went solo with the kids for 3 days (for the first time ever) since I haven’t okay’ed them with him…but let’s just say that NO ONE in the family wants me to change jobs anytime soon.

But the children are alive and well, so a kiss kiss and a THANK YOU to the hub-ster!  I owe you one sweets! (but not really.  I think the score is still in my favor)


- Isaac is getting two more teeth on the bottom, so I rushed and took a few pictures of him this morning before he loses his two-toothed grin.





IMG_8535  (No teeth on that last one, but I still like it)


- The other day at Costco, I approached the lady who checks your receipt (does anyone else ALWAYS forget that this is coming and stick your receipt in your pocket?) she commented on the boys’ cuteness.

I thanked her.

She said, “Well, they aren’t YOURS are they??!!”

I affirmed that they were.

And she said, “What are you, 15??!!!”

I laughed for a bit, awkwardly, to try to smooth things over until she signed the darn receipt and I could escape.

She continued to stare at me.

I forced out a few more chuckles and then said, “Well, no.”

She looked at me expectantly, and then after what felt like an hour, and with a sigh of exasperation said “Well how old are you??!!”

I told her. (26 in case you readers have forgotten)

She said “Oh.  Well that’s still pretty young.  But it’s okay at least.”

and signed the receipt with a flourish.

A few things about that:

a) I’m glad I have the approval of the woman with the most pointless job at Costco.  And maybe the entire world.

(I am crossing my fingers that, by some fluke of the universe, I don’t end up having a blog reader who does this job…)

b) How many 15 year old mothers of two do you know who are spending their tuesdays picking up dried fruit and chicken stock at costco?

c) how many 15 year old mothers of two do you know period?

d)  I need to find this lady in 10 years when she will become my best friend.


- Did I mention that my strep throat episode coincided with the ONLY WEEKEND THAT I HAVE HAD COMPANY SINCE NOVEMBER?! (Brian’s brother and his girlfriend).  LAME!


- A BIG THANK YOU to Trex mom for her super hero pants she made for Joseph and the adorable stars/cars pants that she made for Isaac!  Joseph wears them every day!




And I keep forgetting to tell you that (Although I have yet to snag a picture) the waist on Isaac’s fits perfectly!  I don’t think you can overestimate his fatness! :)


A few nights ago we had some repeated power outages.  And by repeated I mean that it went off and on about a trillion times.

Here is how it went down:

Power goes off

Nightlights turn off

Fans turn off (my kids sleep with fans)

Joseph wakes up and starts screaming because it is dark

I rush in to try and comfort him before he wakes up Isaac

Isaac wakes up

Joseph wails at me to “KEEP HIM SAFE!” as I dash into Isaac’s room to give him back his binky

Isaac calms down

Joseph calms down

I drift off.

Power turns on

Fans roar to life

Isaac’s space heater in his room beeps loudly

Our electronic doorbell goes off. DING- DONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph cries

Isaac cries

I get them all calmed down and settled

I drift off.



In other sleepless news, Joseph was inexplicably completely awake and wanting to talk super heroes from 2:30 to 5:00 AM last night.

Who wants him for a sleepover?


And now we are all caught up!


Jen said...

I like being all caught up. My life is now complete. :)

blueviolet said...

I see why you needed to capture those little teeth. They really are darling!

The Costco lady...what is that all about?

septembermom said...

Glad that you're feeling better!! Those pants are adorable. Kids are funny how they love to keep tired moms up at night talking about everything. I hope you get more restful nights soon. The boys are so cute as always.

That Costco lady had something going on with her that day. I hope someone thinks that I'm 26 again actually. LOL. I'll try to call you soon to catch up (maybe before Easter) - Kelly

Maureen said...

Who wants Joseph for a sleepover???
I DO, I DO!!! Another very entertaining blog, Caitlin..Thank you for getting well and posting :)

T Rex Mom said...

I am so sad that you had strep - so not fun. Are you feeling better?

By the way, I see a lot more 15 year olds with 2 kids at the clinic than you'd realize. It happens all too often. But take the compliment, right?

Power outages - not so much fun. Right now we're having rain water damage and there are 4 huge LOUD fans running. The kids are terrified of them. Today T Rex did not want to come home because of the fans. But so far, no one is sick so I'll count my blessings there is no strep here. But I was at Costco with Bebe Sister on Tuesday! Our lives are not so different!

Be well and glad the pants are going to good use. I finally opened my etsy shop!

britney said...

I actually got stopped by the Costco reciept checker lady yesterday because their self-check machine didn't count two of my items (and no, I didn't forget to ring them up). I was embarassed and I didn't want her thinking I was trying to steal protein shakes and toddler pajamas, so I tried to sound generally concerned and eager to go pay for the other two items. Really I was thinking I should've bought more stuff and maybe she wouldn't have noticed. :)

Jenners said...

I love catching up with you. You always make me laugh. That Costco lady needs to mind her manners. And isn't job security so nice? Or do you realize now that no one really wants your job? Haha! Glad you are feeling better. Strep sucks!