Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009


Halloween was a HUGE hit with my little candy-addict!  He was a little timid at first, but once he ate that first piece of candy- it was ON! 

He wouldn’t say “trick or treat”, but he would gladly say “Candy!!”

Before long he and his buddy Cooper (the monkey) were marching to the next house on their own.

Joseph still talks about it today.  He wants to know if he can push our neighbor’s doorbell.  He wants to know if he can carry his pumpkin.  And he wants to know if he can have more candy.

And now, the moment you have all (in my family) been waiting for- I give you my little dragon, Joseph!




With his buddies, Cooper, S, and T Rex)

IMG_4943    IMG_4947

IMG_4948 IMG_4944


Even Isaac got into the Halloween spirit



Ter said...


but how come the T-rex is a panda? ;)

Ter said...

and I'm jealous of the orb in the pic of him by the door.

Jen said...

You guys just had so much fun, I can totally tell.

blueviolet said...

He is the most gorgeous little boy! I'm not kidding.

septembermom said...

Cute costume! Love the belly pic too. Check out that belly button!

T Rex Mom said...

He was THE CUTEST dragon. And we LOVED how he would say "dragon". It was great to get to see the kids in their costumes on the big day!

Oh, for Ter - the T Rex was a T Rex last year. This year we went for something furry and cuddly.

I did not know Isaac dressed up too!

Jenners said...

Oh ... the costumes on everyone are so cute. I love that age ... when the parents can force cute instead of scary!!! My kid was a Transformer ... I wish I could have made him a dragon!

And I love Joseph's direct approach to trick-or-treating. "Candy." Why mess around? Just ask for what you want!

Rachel said...

I love how Brian is such a proud daddy and I'm glad that even Isaac got a little decoration!

britney said...

All I can think about is how much that belly button has to hurt.

Nina said...

HE looks so cute in his costume. I must say my youngest is wild about candy and every house he did not want to drop it into the bag but eat it.

~~Mel~~ said...

His costume is adorable and i love your belly pic too!

suzy said...

i can't see any of the pics! weird!