Thursday, September 17, 2009

Regarding Bodily Functions…and Brownies


Joseph has been showing some signs that he is getting ready for potty training.

And by “signs” I mean saying “Poop”, taking off his diaper, and pooping on the ground.


Finally, on Tuesday, when he said “Poop!” I decided that I had to get my rear in gear and I rushed him to the potty.

And He did it!! 

Well…kind of. 

He actually PEED in the potty and since I wasn’t prepared I didn’t tuck down anything (people who have boys know what I mean), and so he actually peed straight at me.

And then pooped in the diaper that I put on him afterwards.

But, hey, we’ll count it!!


So, we rushed right out to Target and got that kid some big boy undies!


(Which make him very fast- or “PAST!!” according to Joseph)



Joseph proceeded to spend the remainder of the day peeing in his underwear for a change. 

It’s going to be a long road, but apparently it is one that I have to travel….


Speaking of bodily functions, I have had the pleasure of acquiring a bladder infection this week. 

(I think that the proper phrase is “Urinary Tract Infection,” but doesn’t that just scream URETHRA?)

This little number brings about all sorts of fun symptoms:

frequent contractions (don’t worry, I had a nice little cervical check-BONUS!- by my doctor and everything is fine), increased urination, burning sensation…perhaps I am entering the realm of over-share?

So, instead of telling you how I made these fantastic Cheesecake Brownies in a Culinary Adventure, I am just going to direct you to the website that I copied the recipe from and go sit on the toilet for a while.


(PS Don’t tell, but I used a MIX for the brownies, and then just followed her recipe for the cheesecake topping.)



Ter said...

Oh, Caitlin, how we missed your bathroom stories....

not really. lol.

but I think I gained about 50 lbs just LOOKING at those cheesecake brownies....

T Rex Mom said...

I hope you're feeling better. And we are still doing the victory dance for Joseph's #1 "in the toilet". And it does count even if it ended up on you! Love the underwear!

septembermom said...

Hope you're feeling better! That is some cool underwear! Congrats to Joseph :)

Nina said...

Go big boy!
We were doing so well with using the potty every morning and all of a sudden he stopped and will not use it. I have tried the undies and we just pee in them all day long. We can sit on the potty for 15 minutes and do nothing, put the underwear on and pee in them with in a minute. Sigh.... we will figure it out eventually. LOL....

~~Mel~~ said...

Aww Joseph is so cute in his big boy undies!

Sorry about the bladder infection...I had my very first one not long ago and it was pure HELL. I hope it goes away soon.

Jenners said...

Isn't potty training just the best?????

And I love the photos ... I think little boys are so cute in their underwear!! And seems like everything my son has makes him either stronger or faster!

And what a miserable time to get a UTI -- ick. Hope all is better now.

Off to vote in your poll!

Jen said...

I am going to give you potty training advice, b/c everyone has advice so take it or leave it. But with boys, wait. It will be much less of a battle if you wait until he is a little older. And especially wait until after the baby, trust me on this one. We trained Hayden when he was close to 3 and it was easy. in a weekend, he was trained. no accidents.

blueviolet said...

Your shortcut to the brownies is brilliance.

I love his fancy footwork in those undies!

suzy said...

and also, i LOVE the name benjamin! :) Give Joseph a high five!