Sunday, June 19, 2016

Boys meet the babies


I had decided to have the boys wait until the next day to meet the babies, giving us all time to rest, regroup, and recover.  Such a great decision! Haha!  I would highly recommend it. 

I had just gotten out of the shower, when I heard (you bet I could hear!) my crew coming down the hall!  Luckily, my sister Carrie was there and grabbed the camera!





Isaac has delighted in these babies the most of all my boys.  He often will get teary at bedtime if he hasn’t had a chance to hold them that day, and he BEGS me to let him snuggle them in his bed! (Don’t worry, I only let him for a minute while I tuck in his brothers!)

Whenever he holds them, he will first say, “Hi honey! Hiiii!” and he refers to them as the “twin babies”, or sometimes “my twin babies!”




Samuel was very pleased to tell everyone that “Now I a big brother!!!”  He has since learned that its not all fun and games! Ha!  But he does enjoy stroking their heads, “shhhhh” ing them when they cry, and bringing me things that they need! (“Im a good helper to you, Mama!”)



Joseph loves to ask scientific questions about the baby, and also to imagine what they are thinking. (usually its involving milk, which is probably accurate! ha!)  Just this week he has discovered that he can do more things with the babies then just stare at them, and he’s been wanting to burp them, hold them looking out “like Dada, so they can see my face” etc.  He is paranoid about being spit up on (again! haha!), but other than that enjoys them!  He is happy to help me whenever I ask, especially now that he’s noticing that it frees me up to give him a little extra attention.


And lastly, my favorite picture, and the most accurate representation of my life right now:



Mom said...

I had to save some of these, they are priceless!

Freya said...

Wow, two babies! As a relatively new mother of one, I CANNOT imagine how you deal with two (plus three bigger kids). You are most definitely some kind of super-mum. Sending so many warm congratulations from across the pond.

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