Friday, December 19, 2014

I’m in my 20s



You guys!

My birthday is on Sunday!

And I’m going to be……THIRTY!!!!  Thirty freaking years old??? (“freaking” is a bad word in our house.  I get a little thrill out of using it)

I’m unsure how this has happened.  And what worries me the MOST is that, before I know it, I will be unsure how 40 happened.  Then 50…you get the idea.

So, quick…ask me how old I am!  Who me?  Oh I’m in my 20s.  NBD.

And, while the countdown continues in my (grey hair free) (for now) head, here are 30 facts you probably didn’t know about me.

Ha!  Just kidding- NO ONE wants to hear 30 facts about me (except Brian of course)  So here are actually 10 facts instead.



1) I came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve in a stocking.  Something that always sounded so adorable and magical, until I became a mother and realized how much freaking stuff (thrill!) you have to get done on Christmas Eve and how having 3 other children and recovering from a very hard birth must have been so exhausting for my poor Mama.  You rock Mama!



2)  I thought that a chimney was called a “chimley” for an inappropriately long period of time.  I still secretly call it a chimley in my head.


3)  Being the youngest of 4, it was sometimes hard for me to accept the signs that I was growing up. (Obviously since I am sitting here sobbing about turning 30)  (not really sobbing, people, it’s a creative embellishment) 

I remember watching a movie…gaaah!  What was it called??!!…Suzy, you will know, because we watched it ALL THE TIME in my pre-teen years.  But anyway, there was this girl who didn’t like the fact that she was getting breasts and so she taped them down!  Haha, silly young girl, but no!  I decided that was genius!  And I would try it!

Sadly, I  taped them UNDER my training bra, meaning that I had to rip off the packing tape from my bare skin.  Without an epidural.

I don’t think I ever told anyone that one.  See! I’m still full of surprises, even in my 20s!


4)  Growing up I had a doll named Isaac Gregry.  Just like my own little Isaac Gregry!  Except the doll was much less naughty.  But my real Isaac is actually cuter, so maybe it evens out?


5)  I sometimes listen to country music, but only in the summer.  I don’t know why.  It just seems summery.


6)  I had terrible acne in high school, and if/when I do get a zit now, it is still a “forbidden topic” for Brian.  No jokes, no mentioning, lets just move past it.  Oh the teenager anguish!  It still stings a little even in my 20s!  Acne, braces, glasses, half-a-head-of-bangs, AND taped boobs?  I was a fox people.  A. Fox.


7)  I am totally that mom.  That mini van mom.  Who has a disgustingly dirty mini van.  Okay, this is not a secret for anyone who has seen my car, but you guys?  I just can’t.  I clean the house, I clean the children, I clean myself, so the car?  It’s out. 

Also, if you ever want to vacuum out my car for me, (cough! MARK! cough!) I will not be offended in the least.  It bugs me as much as it bugs you, folks, so have at it!  Please!


8)  I don’t like the taste of chocolate with mint.  Except for like 1 York peppermint patty per year.  Or some crushed up candy canes on top of my fudge.  Or chocolate mint mochas once or twice a year.  Or mint chocolate chip ice cream which is one of my favorites….waaaaait a minute!!! I am realizing as I type this that the above fact is untrue.  I DO like chocolate with mint apparently!  Eureka!  I just don’t like Andes mints.  Or too much mint.  Or those mint hershey kisses.  

Okay, really, let me try just a small bite of your chocolate mint offering first, please, thank you and no offense.


9)  I’m in my robe by 3:30 in the winter.  This is also not really a secret to anyone who has come over after 3:30.  I think the neighbors must think that I have a chronic illness or something.  So hear this:  I’m not sick, I’m not fresh out of bed (I wish!), I have my clothes on under my robe, I’m just chilly.  And my robe has awesome pockets.


10)  I wear a mouthgard at night.  See? I’m still actually a giant fox!  Poor Brian, I try to wait until he’s sleeping, but the thing is that his children make me so stressed out that I clench my jaw at night.  So this could all be construed as his fault. 

During the day it soaks in a bowl.  Filled with denture cleaner.

What?  Its recommended by the manufacturer!

60 really is just around the corner for me.



Mom said...

Such darling photos!!! Now buy a brace for your wrist to sleep in, and you will be perfect...I mean you will be ME!!

suzy said...

Now and then!!! Roberta did!! Love you sweet friend... Happy 60th! U mean 30th ;)

Freya said...

30 is soooo much better than 20. Enjoy!
(This isn't sarcastic, I really mean it!)

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.

Caitlin said...

YES Suzy- that's it!!
And Thank you Freya! And hope you had a wonderful Christmas on the other side of the world!