Thursday, November 13, 2014

Scenes from a snow day (that actually wasn’t)


5:30 am, my alarm goes off, I check my phone and BEHOLD!  A two hour school delay in anticipation of the coming winter storm.

I congratulate myself on picking up milk last night, and roll over to doze back off.

6:20 Joseph joins me (heaven forbid he sleeps in).  I tell him the news, and he is giddy with plans of how we can fill those extra two hours.

6:30 Coffee and quiet time.  Samuel singing on the monitor, Joseph checking out the ice outside. (can you see my red robe reflection?)DSC_0048

6:45 I’m playing (and winning!) my second round of a card game with Joseph.

6:55 Gangs all here.  Good morning my adorable cranky children!  Why are you all awake if you are cranky?

7:15   I receive the good (?) news that school is closed for the whole day.  I crank up “Let it Snow” on youtube and tell the boys


Joyful dancing ensues.



From there it is a blur



Hot chocolate after being out in the cold





Movies (our  recent “no weekday screen time” rule doesn’t apply when it’s a snow day)DSC_0089

oatmeal cookies with caramel centersDSC_0090

(note:  They fall through the cooling racks.  Rethink these for next time.)

(another note: These are delicious.  It was worth the cleanup)DSC_0092

Fresh bread paired with vegetable rice soup


The snow is not here (is not coming?) but we do have freezing rain and icicles galore.  Spirits are high, and I just turned on the fireplace.



This day can’t get much better-

And its only 1:31pm

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Maureen said...

"It is what you make it" and YOU made it a great day, Caitlin!!! Those little crinkers are so lucky to have a Momma like you :)