Monday, March 10, 2014

A vision in green



Sometimes, when it has been a while since I’ve blogged, it is hard to come back

It seems daunting; to fill everyone in on what you missed, to make a clever joke about why I have been gone…and so the days go by and I have no strength to attempt it.

Then comes a night like tonight, when I think- “Well by golly, Caitlin!  You can post about whatever you like!  Just slap up a picture of the March mantel the boys (Joseph really) put together for you and call it a day!”

So here we are. (With close-ups for detail)


(the dinosaur is backwards because his stomach is yellow)




Things like this mantel remind me that, while I sometimes find it slightly trying to raise little boys  (penis! booty! poop! underwear-head! nonstopwrestlingohmygooooosh!!!)  there are parts of it that are really quite delightful.



Maureen said...

SO glad you posted this mantle! I LOVE it...and I LOVE that you let him decorate it with his prized green things!
Happy St. Patricks Day Joseph Mark!!!
P.S. I remember him sitting on that tractor for a ride when he was all of one???

Brian Bews said...

I love this post, Caitlin!! Don't feel overwhelmed by us, your readers. We just love everything you show us of your crazy life!