Monday, September 3, 2012

The Preschool Debate



Tonight is the eve of the first day of school.

But, not for Joseph.

Until next year, that is! 

(One more year until he enters the school system-waaaaah!)

Which brings up the topic of preschool.

Have you ever noticed how PASSIONATE people are about preschool??  Oh my heavens!

The socialization debate! (Is your kid getting enough socialization?  Will he be socially ready for elementary school?)

The educational debate! (Does he know what he needs to know to succeed in Kindergarten next year?)

The free time debate! (Time to myself!  Time for the other kids!  VS one more year with Joseph around daily)

Oh, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

I have had people look at me like I was borderline-abusive for not having Joseph in a preschool!

I HAVE thought about it, and debated, and decided, and changed my mind, SO much in the past year.

And…we have decided to pass on preschool.


Here’s the deal folks:  homeboy Joseph can read.  Like READ, read.  Today, in fact, when we were coloring with Mr. Sketch scented markers he said to me, “Mama!  This says Mr. Sketch, but if you added another “e” to it, it would say Mr. Skeetch.”

He can also do some simple addition, write his name, he is working on telling time, and he has known his numbers/letters/colors/shapes since about 2.5.

We do school work-books almost daily, and I am working on a more regular routine for this fall.

Socially, now that we are in Oregon, he is playing with a cousin or two (or 16) at least once a week.  Also, he has his brother…soon to be brothers.

He is a bit…different, socially, and in the way he views the world.  But, he is different in a way that is similar to Brian and my inlaws, so another year with them will bring nothing but insight and growth.

Of COURSE I would love to have some time away from him!  Sorry future Joseph reading this (yeah, right!), but it’s true.  You  make me a bit crazy. 

BUT, I’m fine.  It’s only for one more year!  ONE MORE YEAR that I get/have to (depending on the day) have him around me all the time!  The only year that I will have all 3 of my little boys home.  I can do it!  And, if I can’t?  He can always start at a nice little preschool in January.


So, there you have it.  Our decision.

But it’s cool with me if you made a different one!

Preschool is fun!

Most of my friends do it!

My mom was a preschool teacher!

I don’t judge you for sending you kiddo off to preschool tomorrow! (Unless you are sending them every day ALL day, while still being a stay at home mom.  Then I will secretly talk about you behind your back.)

Because here is the thing, readers.

I have this nagging suspicion that this whole preschool-debate thing I have been wading through the past few years DOESN’T REALLY MATTER THAT MUCH AT ALL.

Like, in a few years, I will never ever think about preschool again.

It all just seems a bit like hype.


So, here is to the last night of summer for some of you, or the last night until parking at the zoo gets much better for the rest of you!  Hooray!!


Jenners said...

You so don't have to defend your decision!! (Well, maybe you do … I'm sure lots of people tell you their opinion about it all the time.) Sounds like he is more than ready for Kindergarten!

T Rex Mom said...

I totally get what you're saying. We were all geared up to send T Rex to preschool this fall. Then we tried to enroll him in a summer reading program and he tested at 1st grade level. They said they could not take him because he was too young to be with the 1st grader group. We decided to hold off on preschool for the time being. We decided we'll reconsider as kindergarten gets closer and see if we want to get him started for socialization and structure purposes. Things like learning to wait in line or raising his hand to answer a question. Things I don't do while we have "home preschool" because there are just two kids.

I understand the looks or tones folks give. It happened this weekend. It's kind of an uncomfortable conversation but in the end I find them defending their decision to utilize preschool. Especially when our child is doing more than their 1st grader in a super expensive private school.

My mother, the former preschool teacher and director, is not the least bit worried about our son going to school. She does admit he needs to learn a few things and get used to being away from all of us at home but she says that if we wanted to start him a couple months before kindergarten it will likely be enough. However, if we opt not to, he'll probably adapt just fine.

Don't let those folks get to you. We totally understand and are in the same exact boat. As you say, the decision is not a final one and you never know what things down the road will look like. For now, though, be comfortable with your decision and enjoy this year at home with the kids. I know I am.