Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Send Help



Our babysitter found a job in the city and is now unavailable.


The children are destroying my house.


Every day, Isaac pulls a chair up to the counter and manages to get into something. 

A few days ago?  Sprayed PAM on his face.  Two days ago?  Dumped out the trash while I was going to the bathroom.  Yesterday?  Dumped orange juice on the floor.  Today?  Well, I don’t know yet, but it’s coming.


Joseph has questions questions questions.  Why is a tree called a tree?  Can Superman still fly if he isn’t wearing his costume?  Who is stronger, green hulk, red hulk, or grey hulk?


My specialty is finger paints, and tea parties, people.  I am underequipped.


My baby dolls never stepped in a runaway-poop that escaped a diaper and smeared it all over the pillows.

My dolls never jumped on furniture repeatedly, bumped chests while roaring, knocked over pictures, or dumped out bins of toys for no apparent reason!


Oh, I love those boys!  Every night I pray that the next day I will have more patience and yet every day I find myself yelling “Get out of the kitchen!!!!  Mommy needs SPAAAACE!”


My fingers are raw from taking costumes off and on.

If I have to act interested in where Catwoman is going on her motorcycle for one more minute, I am going to gouge out my eyes.


My car sounds are terrible,

much less my bat-erang or light saber.

I have a sinking suspicion that they aren’t going to agree to do arts and crafts with me much longer.

Pom poms don’t thrill them.

And maybe I shouldn’t be encouraging boys to dance with me to Captain and Tennille? 



No one told me that it would be like this.

Why did no one tell me that it would be like this?

To all of you out there who are having their second boy- it will be like this.


You will love it!

But sometimes, you will need a babysitter.



ter@waaoms said...

I love the pictures, and yes, of course you love it! and of course you need a break every now and then, and if you weren't so gosh-darn far away I'd be glad to help you out.

Anonymous said...

I often think that mothers of boys should form a special club (or support group - whatev).

I had my boy first and now I'm kind of enjoying the ease of my little girl.

If you get any help - can you send them my way when you're done?

Jen said...

Yeah, boys. They are so lovable but they are SO destructive. Find a preschool for your oldest son. Preschool is awesome for an always questioning child, I know I have one too.

Maureen said...

Great action photos Caitlin! And if I could come back I'd be there in a heartbeat - I LOVE those little stinkers and you do a GREAT job, but yes, even the best of Mommas need a break.
PS Sorry you can't do car noises well, neither could my sister :)