Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little Thankfulness


Well hello there.

I am back!!


(Please note that Isaac is taking off with my Vaseline in this photo)

Today was a good day.

Yesterday, not so much.

Yesterday was our first day back here, and my children seemed to have forgotten what it meant to entertain themselves…or to even BE by themselves for that matter.

Yesterday was wrought with whining, and leg pulling, and the calling of “MOMMY!”

Yesterday was the day that I did laundry non stop, only to find that I had piled a bunch of clean laundry on an (open) wet diaper that had been sitting in the basket (why?) for the whole 3 weeks we were gone.  So, back in the wash with that load.

But today was good.  Just what I had been needing.

And I am so thankful to be reminded of the good parts of being back here!


Things I am Thankful for Today:

- Seeing Brian out the door to work and then being able to crawl back into my still-warm bed.  I felt kind of bad, but mostly just GOOOOOD.

- My baby waking me up with babbles and coos.

- And then APPLAUDING when I came into the bedroom to get him.  When was the last time I felt like clapping first thing in the morning?

- Nursing him in my still-still-warm bed under my candy-cane striped comforter (can we say that they are VALENTINE stripes now maybe? ) while the snow fell outside.

- Joseph sleeping until 8 AM for maybe the 5th time in his entire life.

- Joining him in my still-still-still warm bed for a morning cuddle.


IMG_7355 (Isaac offers up the Vaseline to his brother)


- Steel cut oats with berries and apples, and my little boy who will eat several bowls full.



- Valentines on the window (Thanks maureen!)



- Good music on Pandora


- A broccoli cheddar soup recipe that we all actually liked!

- My little boy learning to write his letters (Left Handed?!)  First up: “L” and “H”



- The return of Batman!  I’ve missed him a little.


And I’ve missed all of you too!  Thanks for hangin’ in there!



Caitlin said...

The boys look so grown up! Good to have you back

septembermom said...

Love snuggling in the warm covers. The boys look great! We all feel much safer now that Batman has returned :)

ter@waaoms said...

sounds like heaven... snuggling under a warm blanket! We had a deep freeze last week and that's exactly what I wanted to do! Welcome back!

T Rex Mom said...

Glad you're back and survived the flights.

We missed you.

T Rex is into writing "T"s. I wonder if Joseph is going to be a lefty? Wouldn't that be something?!? Nice letters, by the way.

Jen said...

You are so lucky. I wish my kids would sleep til 8am.

~~Mel~~ said...

Both boys are so adorable! Loved all the pics.

Breanna said...

Isaac grew so much in the past month and he looks so much like Joseph now! Hope you had an amazing time at home!

Jenners said...

Yay ... glad to have you back!! I've missed you!