Thursday, May 27, 2010

Staying In



It is rare that I fully take advantage of the fact that I am allowed to stay home all day and never go to work.

I tend to feel guilty if I nap (although I still feel guilty about not giving my mailman anything for Christmas- GAH!- so clearly I have a little guilt problem.), and if Joseph doesn’t have an outing, even just to the backyard, I start to worry if he is getting enough exercise/experiences/fresh air/…..

So, I often find myself pushing through the day: keep the house clean, keep laundry going, get those errands done, zoo!, park!, library!, Barnes and Noble!!!

Today I got up before the boys (well, that was the plan, although Joseph surprised me with a 6:15 wake up…) and got myself ready for the day.  The plan?  Keep the house clean and beat the rain by going to the library!

Joseph was dressed and fed by the time Isaac woke up.

And then, things started spiraling out of control.

Isaac was hungry.

Then Joseph was hungry for a “little snack.  Chocolate snack?  Big HUGE chocolate?”

Then Isaac pooped all over himself.

And then Joseph pooped (not all over himself, thankfully.)

and then Isaac projectile vomited.

and then Joseph started crying because he wanted to watch a movie.

and then…

you get the picture.

I found myself breaking out into “nursing-mom sweat(think menopausal hot flashes, but with occasionally-leaking boobs thrown in for fun) and my stomach tying itself into knots.

And I thought-why?

Who cares if we don’t make it to the library today?

So, I unbuckled an already-screaming Isaac from his torture device (aka the carseat),

I changed into sweatpants,

I popped some popcorn,

and we stayed in.

Watched Magic School Bus, played a game, read books, and admired my new favorite flower, the peony, that I cut from my front yard.IMG_2558


The work may be hard, and the pay sucks, but being a stay at home mom definitely has it’s perks. 

And today I’m enjoying them.




T Rex Mom said...

Sounds like we're both enjoying those perks. I need to get me some flowers around here to make me feel better. Good idea!

Jenners said...

Everybody needs a day to stay at home sometimes ... and after a morning like that, I'm amazed you didn't leave the house ... without the kids!

septembermom said...

Keep enjoying them... Pretty flowers.